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  1. phixer

    Ethical Subjectivism

    In Detroit 1995 on the Belle Isle Bridge a 33yo woman was involved in a minor traffic accident. The enraged 19 yo driver of the other car began to beat her mercilessly as a crowd of people gradually assembled to watch. Finally in desperation to escape her attacker, the woman jumped off the...
  2. phixer

    Technology and the extinction of the modern worker

    Was talking to a guy yesterday about 3D printing and how it may soon eliminate more jobs. In addition to the mechanization / automation of min wage fast food prep jobs. It only takes one guy to fix the machine when it breaks so there really wont be any more jobs being created by technology...
  3. phixer

    Building an acrylic / PVC bottom tank

    Doing the research and gathering feedback for this project. Similar to AGE and MRC, has anyone made a PVC bottom tank with acrylic. Dimensions 120"L X 36H(vertical) X 48W(front to back). So the PVC base would be 120 X 48". What did you use to bond the acrylic to the PVC? Im thinking...
  4. phixer

    How to add color to a FOWLR tank

    Any ideas on how to add color to a FOWLR tank. I've heard of dying dead coral skeletons but then the color quickly fades. The fake stuff just looks too...fake. Are there any marine plants I could used that would be safe from Puffers, Triggers, Eels or large Angelfish chewing on them...
  5. phixer

    Bullying and Generation X

    The trend to stop bullying? I have mixed ideas about it. Most kids get bullied at some point but eventually man up, overcome the cowardice and confront the bully. Thats how we did it growing up, but gen X was much tougher IMHO. The trend now seems to be non confrontational and the exact...
  6. phixer

    Whats the most difficult fish to keep?

    I've always heard Moorish Idols but was curious if they are indeed the most difficult to keep?
  7. phixer

    Lighting advice for 48" deep tank

    Any advice on lighting for a soft coral tank 48" deep? The corals will be placed at different depths on the rock work but I would like to have some on the bottom. Scanned thru the older posts but didn't see much information and would prefer LEDs because of operational costs over MHs if they...
  8. phixer

    Would appreciate your recommendation

    A couple of questions. I need a skimmer recommendation for a 672 gal tank. I have a height restriction of 32" . Looking at Aqua C EV 1000 or ETSS 1800 XR. Are there any others that would work for this set up? Should I use a deep sand bed in display or just in the refugium? Here's why I ask...
  9. phixer

    A good reason not to drink seawater

  10. phixer

    Your opinion, which Moderator is the most fair?

    2 out of 3 threads locked this week? I dont get it?
  11. phixer

    Why do all the good threads get locked?

    What has changed from a year ago? Are people just more vicious now or less tolerant? I think its interesting to know what direction we are going in.
  12. phixer

    Should Imus be fired?

    Anyone listen to the news today? Jackson and Sharpton are going after Imus now. Over the years Ive observed Jackson gain power by making up accusations and stirring the pot. People get scared and throw money at him to go away, then he moves on to the next victim. Seems like this is practice...
  13. phixer

    Drop in and share your opinions on Alimony?

    I think there should be none after a divorce is finalized and property is settled. I understand why alimony originated but that is not the way the world is now, men and woman can and do work. So barring a spouse being instrumental in thier partners business or financial gains why do we still...
  14. phixer

    Creating a level stand

    Trying to find the best way to create a level surface for a big stand. Its 22FT long and 3FT wide. No pics sorry, I dont have permission. Since its so long there will be a small amount of uneveness. Im thinking the best way to level this would be to use a thin layer of surface leveling...
  15. phixer

    Is this safe?

    Have a dumb question to ask. Today a guy at work said he had some old coral lying around and didnt want it. I thought he was joking and dismissed it. Well he showed up later on that afternoon with a box full of large (1-2FT) sized peices of dead white coral. It looks like it might be...
  16. phixer

    Skimmer question

    For a large tank is it better to use 2 smaller skimmers or 1 larger one? Is there a noticable difference? The reason Im asking is because for the price of some of the larger skimmers 2 smaller ones could be purchased. Any ideas? Thanks
  17. phixer

    Paging AC

    AC if you get a chance, could you send me an email at Thanks Phixer
  18. phixer

    DIY 581 gallon plywood tank

    Sorry for the double post. Check it out.
  19. phixer

    Good article...DIY 581 gallon plywood tank

    Have read this 3 or 4 times. Very informative.