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  1. tx reef

    Whats Up???

    Originally Posted by ruaround how ya all doin??? been a while!!! How's it going? I have checked in from time to time but never post anymore. I haven't had a tank for over a year & have a lot of other things going on. You are one of the few people I ever "spoke" with on this site or really even...
  2. tx reef

    Shootings at Fort Hood

    I am an estimator/project manager for an earthork construction company and one of my jobs is 3 blocks from where it happened. The field supervisor working on the project and the equipment operators were pretty shaken up by the whole thing......thankfully they are all okay. I'm glad that I didn't...
  3. tx reef

    Ben Spies World Superbike Champion

    I know Ben's dad from the Texas Fishing Forum. Always nice to see a (somewhat) local guy succeed.
  4. tx reef

    Dog feeding question.

    I have a 75 lb. American White Shepherd/Wolf mix. I feed him 1.5 cups twice a day.....he never has ignored his food.
  5. tx reef

    NFL draft thread!!! ESPN reports, Stafford's the guy...

    Originally Posted by kjr_trig LOL, your proving my point Bro...Not saying they produce the top NFL QB's, though they have had their share of Hall of Famer's, I'm saying they produce the most NFL QB's....I.E., you don't make an NFL roster at QB if you are bad. BTW a little math for your...
  6. tx reef

    My Daughters W. Geo.teacher Was Arrested

    17 is legal in's the student/teacher relations that is a problem.
  7. tx reef

    John Madden Retires...

    Originally Posted by meowzer it's a joke from something in an earlier thread... I was joking, too.....I hope you didn't take me too seriously.
  8. tx reef

    John Madden Retires...

    Originally Posted by meowzer I only have one thing to say...."I before E except after C" Wow....thank you for correcting that. Your life as an internet spelling/grammer police officer must be exciting............
  9. tx reef

    John Madden Retires...

    I will miss Madden. No one could state the obvious like he could and actually make it entertaining. He was my favorite commentator of all time. Now i have to deal with Chris Collingsworthless and Tony Kornholer every week during season..... I will leave you a Maddenism......... "If the...
  10. tx reef


    You're not really gone unless you quit logging on to the site......
  11. tx reef

    I'm on a Johnny Cash binge.....

    I went on a Cash binge about a month ago.......I just can't get enough of his music.
  12. tx reef

    I'm on a Johnny Cash binge.....

    Currentlly on my Mp3 player by Johnny Cash........ Gods Gonna Cut You Down Further On Up The Road I Came to Believe Rose of My Heart Folsom Prison Blues The One on the Right is on the Left Jackson (with June Carter-Cash) Man in Black The Man Comes Around Hurt Walk the Line Ring of Fire Get...
  13. tx reef

    I Literally Just Shed A Tear!!!

    I actually shed a tear when the Colts released Marv. It really sucks seeing the people that helped pull the franchise you love out of mediocrity get released......
  14. tx reef

    Any concrete or masonry contractors out there?

    Originally Posted by Veni Vidi Vici and last time i checked concrete was around $130 yrd delivered in the midwest. 6.5 x$130= $845 +all taxes We get it cheap around here.... 3,500 PSI - $80 3,000 PSI - $78 9 Sack Grout - $90 Are you an estimator? I work for an excavation/concrete/paving...
  15. tx reef

    Any concrete or masonry contractors out there?

    I guess things are a bit cheaper in Texas. We could really get a job that small done in 2 days, so you could even cut that price a little.
  16. tx reef

    Any concrete or masonry contractors out there?

    Originally Posted by Veni Vidi Vici 6.5 yds of concrete = 845 + tax Pavers @$2 per = $900 +tax Labor/ 4 workers 5 days =$4000 Sounds about right,but you are correct it is on the cheap side.Construction company's are hungry right now. 15 x 30 x .33 / 27 = 5.5 CY 3,500 PSI Concrete around here...
  17. tx reef

    Top 10 best guitarist

    Originally Posted by salty blues I get what you are saying, however at least EJ has a distinctive sound. Vai and Satriani, while technically proficient, tend to sound like all the other shredders out there. You should listen to Satrianis entire catalogue before making such a statement. The guy...
  18. tx reef

    Your Favorite Books/Authors?

    I forgot to mention Tom Clancy. I love all of his books, especially the ones with the Jack Ryan character. Anything by Michael Crichton would have to be up near the top of my list as well.
  19. tx reef

    Top 10 best guitarist

    Joe Satriani (My favorite of all time, the reason I picked up a guitar) Jimmy Paige Steve Vai Eric Johnson When I think of best, these are the 4 that come to mind for me.
  20. tx reef

    Your Favorite Books/Authors?

    Enders Game was an awesome book. My favorite of all time is the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I just started reading it again.......