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  1. silverado61

    Are these copepods?

    If they're swimming in the water column, they're Copepods. If they're crawling on the glass, sand and rockwork they're Amphipods.
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    silverado61. Rebuilding my 72g bow front and stand.

    From what I know, Flower lost her seahorses so she just walked away from the whole thing and nobodys heard anything from her since.
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    Those black spots are a major problem. It's black mold and is the worst kind there is and will spread like wild fire as long as there's humidity in the basement. It'll cause health problems for you and anyone else that lives in the house because the spores from the mold become air born and...
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    That's exactly what they are. Which type laid them I don't know right off hand. Judging by the length of the trail a large one. You may get lucky and get a few to survive. If the eggs don't get eaten the hatchlings will unless they can find their way cover. Either way, this is a very good sign...
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    Just ghost feed your tank a pinch of flake a day to keep you system balanced and provide food for the snails.
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    New 75 Gallon with Sump

    Don't paint the eggcrate. Any salt splash will cause the paint to peel and flake off into the water. I just deal with it not matching.
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    White hairy tube

    Be careful how many you order because once they've eaten all that they feed on they'll starve to death.
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    HELP Internal overflows for 450gallon

    Are you looking for a corner overflow or a center overflow?
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    silverado61. Rebuilding my 72g bow front and stand.

    Good to hear. That's what he's wanted all along. I don't think he was happy being a taxidermist.
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    HELP Internal overflows for 450gallon

    Check out This is where I get most of my equipment from.
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    HELP Internal overflows for 450gallon

    We need more information on what your looking for. Are you looking for an HOB overflow or is it for a predrilled tank?
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    something wrong in my tank

    I need to ask: Are you QTing your fish before you put them in the tank and how are you acclimating them once you put them in there?
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    New 112 gl tank

    My preference is using Pink Figi sand (not really pink) as a deep sand bed. I agree with HeathS as far as a sump goes. That way you can put most if not all of your equipment (heaters, skimmer, etc) in the sump leaving your tank uncluttered.
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    White hairy tube

    I don't think Hydroids are dangerous. Just invasive. If the Nudibranch doesn't get them I think you can just pluck them out and use a paperclip, putting the tip in the hole they're growing out of and grind the crap out of them.
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    White hairy tube

    That one could be but I think the other one is clearly a glass anemone.
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    tank/fish maintenance

    There's gotta be something we can do.
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    White hairy tube

    It most likely started with one as a hitchhiker and just multiplied from there. As far as the Nudibranch goes that's also a hit and miss.
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    tank/fish maintenance

    Seems like with a lot of these forums most of the posts are from years ago. Is there something we can do to increase attendance?
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    JBJ 6 gallon nano cube

    What filtration system are you using and do you have any photos?
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    Photo contests?

    Why has it been so long since we've had a photo contest and does SWF plan on having any more?