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    Tang in Red Sea Reefer XL300

    Hi guys, I'm setting up a new Red Sea Reefer after just keeping Nano tanks and seahorses and was wondering what Tangs to keep in there. It is an 80-gallon (300L) system, with a 65-gallon display (246L) with a 15-gallon sump (54L). I know for sure that I'm going to keep: - 1 Coral Beuty...
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    Do I use Imperial gallons or US Gallons?

    Hey, I've always been wondering if in fishkeeping you use Imperial gallons or Us gallons? Thanks
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    Small 6 line wrasse in 15G tank?

    Hi all, I had a 15 gallon tank with 2 kuda seahorses in it, but they got ill and i had to do a complete tank restart. I know the minimum sized tank for Wrasse in 25 to 30G, but I like them so much I was wondering if there are any small other wrasse or if I could put one in. Thanks, Fin
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    Reactor agents, can they be mixed and matched?

    Hi all, I was wondering if I can use a red sea Alkilinty reactor agent with the Hanna Alkilinty handheld colorimeter. Thanks
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    What brown algea is growing on the bottom of my tank?

    Hi, I recently got into the reefing hobby after years of fresh water aquariums, and am new to what algae are good/bad. It is brown and coats almost all the sand in my tank. It has bubbles that are hanging on by a slimish stand and read it could be Dinoflagellates algae (Praying it isn't because...
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    My Kuda Seahorses Turning Black! Need help!

    I bought to beautiful kuda seahorses, and when we got them, one was orange and the other was yellow. Now, they are fully black, but when i turn the light off at night they turn back to their colours. I read it could be the light that I have (I have a T8 light). Any thoughts on what I should do?