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  1. silverado61

    Photo contests?

    Why has it been so long since we've had a photo contest and does SWF plan on having any more?
  2. silverado61

    Showing Ammonia and Nitrates but no Nitrites?

    Ammonia 0.1 Nitrates 100+ but not showing any Nitrites? Is this possible?
  3. silverado61

    Type of Worm???

    Can someone ID this for me? This is an ongoing argument with someone. I'm not going to tell you what I think it is........ yet.
  4. silverado61

    Bristle worms question

    Has anyone ever seen a Bristle worm climb the glass?
  5. silverado61

    Fish skin problems

    Beth, I hope you read this. A friend on another forum posted this pick and needs to know what it is. Can you help?
  6. silverado61


    What color Leds are best for growing algae in a scrubber?
  7. silverado61

    Limestone use?

    I'd like to build up the bottom of my tank so I don't loose so much of my dry coral pieces in the sand. I'm planning at least a 3in substrate like I did before. Last time I made DIY rock to build up the bottom and it worked really good but it took fooreevvver to cure it. I read somewhere that...
  8. silverado61

    Tube worms

    Does anyone know how to frag tube worm colonies?
  9. silverado61

    Test kits

    Do RedSea test kits expire? I don't see any expiration dates on any of the bottles or vials but the one I have is at least 2 years old. It's the Marine Care Test Kit. NH3/NH4, NO3, NO2, pH and KH.
  10. silverado61

    silverado61. Rebuilding my 72g bow front and stand.

    Well boys and girls this Saturday I'm buying back my 72g tank and stand that I custom built a couple of years ago. I haven't seen it since I sold it so I'm wondering what shape it's in and how much work I'm going to have to put into it to get it back in shape. Here's what it looked like before I...
  11. silverado61

    MACNA Tickets. Silent auction.

  12. silverado61

    Hawaii bound!

    This Saturday, my wife and I are flying to Hawaii for two romantic, wonderful weeks. We're going to be unplugged the whole time so I'll talk to everyone and hopefully post some pics when we get back. Aloha everone!
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    Deleted by silverado61
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    Has anybody heard from.........?

    2quills? btldreef? darthtang? meowzer? sweatervest13? And many others................ Seems like a lot of the old gang is missing from when I started.
  15. silverado61

    Bristle worms

    I know there are critters out there that eat bristle worms but does anyone know of an invert that will eat them but NOT go after corals?
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    I know Tridacnids can come with certain unwanted guests and parasites. Can I use a coral dip to rid the clam of these things?
  17. silverado61

    Reverse Osmosis Questions

    Lately I've been considering getting an RO unit. Here's an idea of what I have to go through: I drive to the store about once a week with 4 to 6 five gallon buckets, sometimes more. Carry those buckets into the store. Sometimes wait in line for the water dispenser. Fill 4 to 6 buckets of water...
  18. silverado61

    Hanna Checkers

    These question are aimed at someone who knows Hanna Checkers and uses them on a regular basis: I just purchased three Hanna Checkers for Calcium, Iodine and Nitrite testing. Calcium: It seems that the syringes are printed opposite of each other. On the green syringe, The lowest number starts...
  19. silverado61

    snail acclimation.

    Well I Decided to boost my cuc and bought a snail army. 50 Nassarius, 10 Cerith, 10 large Cerith, 10 Turbo, 10 Astrea and 10 Nerites snails. They arrived this afternoon as I was walking out the door for the second half of my split shift at work (figures). All I had time for was to take them out...
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    I apoligize to but if they don't do something about these spambots soon, I'm going to look for a different website. Half my inbox is filled with these things every morning. That's not what I'm here for. I've got a filter on my email to get rid of these why can't you figure something out??