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  1. lmforbis

    McCoskers flasher wrasse

    I year or so ago I purchased this McCoskers flasher wrasse frame DD. It never looked a lot like a McCoskers but there are some similarities. The last month or so it has developed a dark blue/purple coloration on its head stretching to the dorsal fin. Here are a couple pics, any ideas? Is...
  2. lmforbis

    Belize 2018

    thought I'd share a few pics from my dive trip to Belize a couple weeks ago.
  3. lmforbis


    Now that I have the new tank up and going I'd like to add a trio of anthias. What kind would people recommend. I don't want a type that is really difficult. My current stock list is as follows: Blue tang Yellow tang flame angle orchid dotty back oscelaris clown fire fish McCoskers flasher...
  4. lmforbis

    120 gallon upgrade, sort of

    I am looking at upgrading my tank, sort of. The tank I am looking at is a 120 (60x18x26"). I have a 125 now that I got used and it has a number of significant scratches in it. I'd like to relocate the tank to a slightly smaller wall that is why I need the 60" width, the 125 would fit in that...
  5. lmforbis

    Lynn's 125

    Bang made me think I should upload a few pics of my tank. Just cleaned the glass so it seemed like a good time to take some current pics. This one is a panoramic so the edges are a bit odd.
  6. lmforbis

    New addition

    A few weeks ago I got a very small yellow belly blue tang. I wasn't even supposed to get her, I think she was supposed to go to somebody else. She was about the size of a dime when I got her. Put her through full quarantine including tank transfer. I really didn't think she'd make it a week...
  7. lmforbis


    For the last few months I have had issues with nitrates. Both ammonia and nitrites are 0 as is phosphate (probably not really that low but I do run GFO). I think it started towards the end of summer when I had surgery twice that resulted in 10 lb lift restriction for a few weeks. I didn't get...
  8. lmforbis

    Yellow Tang

    I have had this yellow tank in QT for a couple weeks. It eats well, swims around normally, is breathing normally, no flashing, nothing to indicate anything is wrong except it has developed some bumps on his body. They were white initially and my first thought was ich. Didn't surprise me as he...
  9. lmforbis

    Decorated Rabbit fish

    I'm looking at a decorated rabbit fish. Anybody have any experience with them? Are they typically on the peaceful side? My biggest concern is the venom. I'd appreciate any input.
  10. lmforbis

    best bulbs for supplementing

    I have a 40b that has been set up since May. Originally, I used it as a quarantine for my tangs that needed more space than my 20 gal. QT. Tangs moved to display tank in July. My plan was always to use this tank for a reef with only a couple clown fish. I want to keep anemones and SPS, maybe...
  11. lmforbis

    Wrasse stuck in overflow

    My McKoskers flasher wrasse has been in my overflow for probably the last 3 weeks. I have a Perfecto reef ready tank. I pulled the front part of the overflow off and reduced the flow out of that side so the fish can swim out. He won't swim out. The plumbing is in the way so I can't get a...
  12. lmforbis

    When can I consider tank used for QT free of ich

    I have two tangs in QT right now. The first one had ich when I got him in April. Copper didn't work so I switched to hypo after 3 weeks of copper. I added the second fish to the QT after the first one had been free of spots for about a week and restarted the treatment clock. When Igot the...
  13. lmforbis

    Naso Tang

    I was at my local ***** on Friday. They had an unhappy small Naso tang in one of their small tanks. They are going to re do their aquatic dept and all fish were half off so I bought him even though he didn't look great. I brought him home, slowly drip acclimated him to the hypo salinity in...
  14. lmforbis

    Copper dosage

    I bought a powder brown tang a week and a half ago. I suspected it had ich based on raised bumps on its skin. No spots were visible more like irritation from past infestation. I treated it with chelated copper sulfate, at the recomended dose on the bottle (Kordons Copper Aid). I have a...
  15. lmforbis

    Phosphate change with added reactor

    I have been fighting this brownish algae on the sand of my 125 gallon tank for the last month or so. I have reduced lighting, reduced food, switched from plain RO to RO/DI water. Nothing has changed it has only gotten worse. I haven't been sure what it is. Originally I was thinking it was...
  16. lmforbis

    New skimmer

    I just picked up my new reef octopus classic 150 skimmer at Bulk Reef Supply today. I set it up and it is huge, barely fits in my sump. Moved my crappy one to my 20 gal QT tank. I have never had a good skimmer before. What type of break in period should I expect?
  17. lmforbis

    Yellowstriped cardinalfish

    Anybody have experience with these fish? Below is the description I found about their temperment. It sounds good but I have also seen chromis described as peaceful fish that can be kept in groups. A 10-gallon or larger aquarium with a cave and peaceful tank mates is suitable for this slow and...
  18. lmforbis

    Diatoms or cyano?

    I upgraded to a 125 about a month ago. Everything from my 55 (rock, sand, water, sump and livestock) was moved to the new tank. I had a mini cycle that lasted a few days. The last week to 10 days I have had a brownish something (I figure either diatoms or cyano) growing on my sand. Every...
  19. lmforbis

    Aquarium safe silicone

    what type of silicone adhesive is safe to use to build my sump?
  20. lmforbis


    How do you prevent bacteria growing in the ATO reservoir?