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  1. 4husky

    I had to help

    Hey, my biggest guy just would not hatch, and I know it had no yolk left so this morning I helped HER out. Definantly no yolk left. She seems to be cramped in the curled position. I'll Keep you posted. Sam looked at her, but no arguing or anything. Cat
  2. 4husky

    Sharky questions, (or anyone, really)

    Hey, another dilemma. It looks like I'm having an unexpected move in 6 months. Will my sharks be okay in the 45 until then so I don't have to move a big tank, (hatchling size -> 5 month olds) then I'll get my 180/250 after. And it's a big move, how to move sharks on a 10 hour drive? I've...
  3. 4husky

    eggs not hatching!!!!

    Okay, the big guy is stubborn!! He has NO yolk sac left and he won't come out. Sharky help!!! His yolk's been gone for three days now. Not even a crumb size left. And the second egg is catching up fast!!! Cat
  4. 4husky

    Eggs doing great

    For those who've been following along, here's my Christmas update, EGG ONE: Holy cow is he getting big!!! He is cramped in there, little tail is up his nose, pectoral fins are as wide as the egg, and yolk sac is blue berry sized, maybe he's shooting for a happy new year???? EGG TWO: He's the...
  5. 4husky

    Why I've been missing

    Hey, A lot has been going on. My lfs has been needing some help in their fish department for some time, so they asked me on as the store manager. To tell you my back ground.... My father built three pet stores, hence the fish experience, and the other **** , too. When he sold the last, after...
  6. 4husky

    EGG(S) story

    Hey, after the snail episode this is kinda anti-climactic for me. My lfs got my egg in. It wasn't the way I expected it. There was a lot of brown/green algae on it and bigger than I thought. I brought it home and began to acclimate, only to find my egg was EGGS. That's right, two. They...
  7. 4husky

    It's ALRIGHT now...

    Hey, just wanted to thank everyone for the help. ESPECIALLY Zackt!!! Snails are in a pitcher with filter until I figure out who to talk to about if they really are tritons... Anyway, now that they spoiled my egg arrival... For those of you wondering about the eggs... One has an embryo about...
  8. 4husky


    OK, long story made short. I have two unidtified snails who won't leave the shark egg alone!!!! I put them into a cup for now. They are about an inch long, white and brown spotted shells, holding the point up, the hole is on the right. The body is bluish grey, with a tube...
  9. 4husky


    Ok, so almost everyone knows I'm getting a shark egg... I picked it up today, and it ended up that two were stuck together... MY PROBLEM!!!!--- I have two unidentified snails that won't leave them alone!!! I pulled the snails out into a cup and they're next to me as I type, Both shells...
  10. 4husky

    gotta dumb question, sharky???

    I know you have hermits, but I thought I saw somewhere that you also have a horseshoe? Is he with your shark? If so, do they get along, and does he help keep up with your banded's mess?? Your shark occasionally munches hermits, if the horseshoe is in your shark tank, does the bamboo try to...
  11. 4husky

    rk00-bamboo info

    Hey, I know you were very interested in the bamboos. Sharky seems to know quite a bit, he's definantly a resource. You can type Chiloscyllium into and pull up information on the bamboos, too. Going by what I've learned from Aquarists at work and online, sharky is pretty accurate...
  12. 4husky

    Bamboo Question (Sharky?)

    Hey I posted a question for sharky in the F/O board. Anyone with info about Bamboos and ease of hatching the eggs please respond. I have done Lots of Bamboo research especially from the aquarists at the Busch park I work in. I read that Sharky had hatched his Brown Banded. I'm looking into...
  13. 4husky

    question 4 Sharky...

    I have been doing LOTS of research on the Bamboos and have almost settled on a White Spotted (chiloscyllium plagiosum), I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this. Yes, I know they get over 3ft. You said you hatched your Brown Banded (chilscyllium punctatum), I've researched hatching and...
  14. 4husky

    Copper as preventitve??

    I recently read somewhere that small levels of copper coud be used as a preventitive for ich? Am I crazy? Does anyone know if its true, and the maximum levels should be??? ~Cat~
  15. 4husky

    Anyone ever heard of this??

    I found a Pakistan (Pakistani/Red Tail) Butterfly (scientific name: Chaetodon Collare) today at the large Aquarium in the theme park I work at. I want to get one. The only thing I can find is another on-line fish store that sells him, but no info or picture. (I know what it looks like, but...
  16. 4husky


    I've got fireworms, literally hundreds. I've heard that Dragon Wrasses & Arrow Crabs eat them, but what kind of community type are they? If anyone knows of a friendly creature to help eat/kill them without killing my one and only molly who has survived, it's my 4 yr old's fish...