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  1. obsessedwithfish

    Spotted grouper

    Looks like my spotted grouper is nine months pregnant with no other grouper in the tank.
  2. obsessedwithfish

    making your own food

    Does anyone have any recipes for making your own frozen food? We have angels,tangs, eel, and puffers. Some like meatier food and of course the tangs and angels like lettuce.
  3. obsessedwithfish

    Looks like feather dusters

    I have a 90 gallon reef tank which is doing very well has been established for 5 years. I'm seeing alot of brownish dusters growing from the rocks and glass. Are these harmful to the tank or a bonus? I can send a picture if needed
  4. obsessedwithfish

    orange tree sponge

    We have a tree sponge in our reef tank the top part of it looks dead the bottom part is fine. My question is can I cut of the dead part or just leave it? Thank you
  5. obsessedwithfish

    possible ick

    Hi, We just introduced 4 days ago a show vlamingi tang to our 300g fish only tank. All levels are good nitrites are a little high. Also in the tank two puffers, two groupers, french angle, lion fish, a naso, a purple and a clown tang and a foxface. The tang is covered in white spots he is...
  6. obsessedwithfish

    white spots on vlamingi tang

    We have recently intoduced a show vlamingi tang to our 300g fish only tank. He has small white spots covering the whole fish. Other fish in tank---naso, clown, foxface and purple tang, couple of groupers, couple of puffers, french angel, lion fish. The levels are fine, good protein skimmer...
  7. obsessedwithfish

    adding my corals to new tank

    Hi all, I just sent a message about live rock now I need some advice. Once the tank is ready we want to house sps corals, inverts and a couple of small fish. We have another corner reef on the other side of the room with bubbles, mushrooms, tree sponge, cup coral, cabbage, leather. We want the...
  8. obsessedwithfish

    live rock

    Hi all, We bought some pre-cured live rock and are almost into the third week of cycling it. When we got it in we lightly brushed it put it in our 90 gallon with live sand. Yesterday I did a 50 % water change along with taking all the rock out (nice golden brown) and brushed it again (the...
  9. obsessedwithfish

    aquarium service

    We just set up a week ago, a 90 gallon corner reef tank. 100 pounds of fiji rock ETSS protein skimmer 2 MH ushio 10000k bulbs 2 bubble corals leather coral cup coral mandarin gobie 5 star fish different types of mushrooms We are hiring people to service this tank. When should we have our first...
  10. obsessedwithfish


    I have a 92 corner reef tank with alot of clams, snails, crabs a few small fish (one tang one angel and a couple of damsels). This tank has been up and running for a year. I can't seem to get my alkalinity up enough. I change the water every two weeks doing and 20% water change. I then use...
  11. obsessedwithfish

    Someone ate my eel but I don't know who!

    My husband brought home a small snow flake eel and placed it in our 90 gallon tank. It has maybe 6 large rocks and several fish. Most of the fish are used to an eel, the ones that I am suspecting is either the Picasso Trigger or the Porc. Puffer, also have tangs, angels and marine grooper.
  12. obsessedwithfish


    I went to the store and bought a Acropora/cauliflower the owner of course said it didn't need alot of light and was very hardy. HA! I look on this site and find out different we will see. My question is does this coral sprout tenicles the picture they show on this site does not look like my...
  13. obsessedwithfish

    great news for algae problems

    In my tank downstairs I was having alot of problems with brown and green algae, I couldn't add any clean-ups because there is a trigger and a puffer. The tank upstairs had alot of green algae and hair algae. This store recommended Coralife- Marine tank clarifier. This stuff is amazing! Both...
  14. obsessedwithfish


    We will soon be getting another100 gallon corner tank the one we have right now we will just keep fish and live rock. We have some coral in there but have lost quite a few because we just have 4 50 50 bulbs. The other tank will be a reef tank and we would love to put in elegant corals, bubbles...
  15. obsessedwithfish

    another fish?

    I have a 30 gallon down stairs with a piccaso trigger and a pork puffer. All day the puffer hides and one time I came down and he was a big round ball. The only thing I can get him to eat is freeze dried krill. He tried to get something the other day and the trigger tried to get it out of his...
  16. obsessedwithfish

    I just want to say.............................

    Since I have started using the discussion board I feel more comfortable with my tank. I have never had a saltwater tank before and this one has been running for 8 months. We made the mistake of adding too many fish and are seeing results with water levels higher than they should be, tank...
  17. obsessedwithfish

    green hair algae

    I really need some help! I am getting more and more green hair algae on my live rock I've got alot of blue and red legged crabs, a cucumber some star fish, one emerald crab and alot of turbo snails. Should I just keep adding more or is there an alternative? I do have too many fish in the...
  18. obsessedwithfish

    white spots

    Hi all, I have a corner tank and in the very back there is black plastic surface. There is alot of white spots on it. Is that calcium spots? My calcium levels are high and I have been using just reg tap water for the life of the tank which is about 8 months(just changed to r/o). Will those...
  19. obsessedwithfish

    r/o units

    Hi, I started to use r/o water in my tank instead of tap water, seeing a big difference I think I should get a unit. 92 gallon tank with about 170 pounds of live rock, fish and some corals. What's the best brand and how do they even work? Do you install it in your tank or do you hook it up to...