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  1. scotikis

    Bio balls vs. ceramic rings

    Planning a 40 gal tank with live rock, some corals and a few small fish. I’ve been researching the opinions regarding bio balls vs ceramic and as I understand it, the benefit of bioballs is they house the bacteria necessary for the nitrogen cycle which is ammonia to nitrites, nitrites to...
  2. scotikis

    Protein Skimmer or not?

    Beginning to assemble the accoutrements for a 40 gal and I can’t comprehend if having a protein skimmer is a necessary option. I’ve been reading a lot and I understand the intent of a PS, but can’t determine if the limited space in my filtration area is best used for skimming or some other...
  3. scotikis

    Tomato Clown digging a hole

    I have a 2" Tomato clown in my 125 FOWLR and every morning he has dug a hole in the front corner of the sand and is sitting in it. I have a deep sand bed and I'm wondering if his digging will release nitrates into the tank? Also, does this new behavior indicate some other problem that I'm not...
  4. scotikis

    Do fins grow back?

    My Lantern Basslet has a fairly large chunk taken out of his tail fin. Do they grow back? How long does that take? Is there anything I can do?
  5. scotikis

    Fuge light on 24x7 ok?

    Since starting my tank, I've illuminated my fuge nonstop. Is this bad / good / insignificant? I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks. Scott
  6. scotikis

    Compatibility questions

    I've got 2 questions, please let me know what you think. I have a 125g FOWLR that currently houses a Tomato Clown, Lantern Basslet and three Turbo snails. I'd like to get a few Bangaii Cardinals, but I'm not sure how compatible they are with my current selection. What do you think? Also, I'd...
  7. scotikis

    Mexican Turbo in 'fuge ok?

    I have a 39 gallon fuge w miracle mud and calerpa. There is some hair growing in the fuge and I'd like to put in a snail to clean it up. My Calerpa is rather small, will snails feast on it?
  8. scotikis

    Temperature fluctuation question

    My tank, which is still cycling, ranges in temperature from 74 - 78 degrees. Currently I have no heater in the system, but I do have a UV that I plan on plugging in once I get fish. My questions are: Will this range in temperature hurt my future livestock? More specifically, if I reach both...
  9. scotikis

    Am I cycling?

    I set up my tank on December 5th. It's a 125 w 130 lbs Live Rock, 300lbs sand, 39 gal 'fuge with Calerpa in Miracle Mud. I also have a UV. I've tested my parameters weekly and I'm rather suprised that my Ammonia and 'Trites aren't @ zero. Here are my parameters: Ammonia - .125 Nitrites - .05...
  10. scotikis

    Salt Creep, where do I put it?

    When cleaning up the salt from the external components of my tank, should I put the salt back into the system and if so, where - directly into DT or sump. When I introduce fish into the system, will it be safe to throw pieces of salt directly into the DT. Cant imagine that's good eating...??
  11. scotikis

    Calcium and Coralline

    My tank is currently cycling with live rock. When I set the tank up a few of the rock pieces had red and purple coralline algae. This is spreading to other rocks in the system. My questions are..the top off water i'm using is from my tap (well water, not city water) and has a calcium level of...
  12. scotikis

    Diatom Question

    I'm 16 days into cycling my first SW tank. After the first week, there was significant brown diatom growth all over the live rock and DSB. After approximately another week, the diatoms began to diminish and my h20 parameters were looking good (Ammonia beginning to decrease, Nitrites on a slow...
  13. scotikis

    Specific Gravity question

    I modified my overflows and 'fuge to try and resolve a microbubble issue. As a result, my DT tank water level is slightly lower and my 'fuge water level is slightly higher. When the tank was set up on Dec 5, 08 I placed a piece of tape on the fuge indicating where my max fill level is, but I...
  14. scotikis

    Clean up crew recommendations?

    I'm currently cycling my 125 FOWLR, what do you guys recommend as a clean up crew?
  15. scotikis

    New 125 FOWLR aquarium

    I've been reading about SW tanks for a few years now and have slowly purchased all of the equipment beginning in January of this year. While I'm excited to have this up and running, I'm also nervous about my ability to maintain a healthy system. Hopefully it works out. I appreciate the feedback...
  16. scotikis

    Microbubbles from my sump

    I have 2 drains coming from the corner overflows into the end of my sump. When the water discharges from the PVC tubing it flows over bio balls then into the main part of the 'Fuge. At this point there is a raging torrent of microbubbles that are making their way through the pump, UV and back...
  17. scotikis

    Definition please

    I'm not clear on what it means when calerpa goes "sexual". As I understand it, calerpa feeds on nutrients and when a tank is operating @ a point where there aren't enough nutrients to feed on, part of the plant will die off, causing an algae bloom which in turn it'll feed on. Kind of like...
  18. scotikis

    Background questions

    I'm setting up a 125 FOWLR tank and intend to apply a background (I'm not painting the tank). I have 2 questions. I'll be purchasing the typical film style backing and i'm not sure the best way to attach it to the tank. With previous fresh fish tanks, I simply used Scotch tape all the way...
  19. scotikis

    H2O turns per hour

    I'm setting up a 125 gal FOWLR with a 39 gallon fuge, 125 lbs of live rock and a UV. How many times per hour should I be turning my water over? Is there a standard that is used? Id appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
  20. scotikis

    Pump question

    I'm accumulating equipment for my first 125 gallon FOWLR tank and need guidance on pumps. I purchased a Blue Line 70 pump today that is rated @ 1750 gph. When I look at the charts they provide, I expect to get approximately 1250 gph flow when plumbing is taken into account. My questions are. 1...