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  1. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Fry in my sump!

    I found some clown fish fry in my sump when I got home from work tonight. They probably won’t survive, but it’s exciting because it’s s first for me. I’m going to the lfs tomorrow to see if they have a rotifer culture.
  2. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Can anyone identify this critter?

    I saw this guy crawling around in my tank the other day. At first, I thought it was a stomatella snail, but it doesn't appear to have a shell. Does anyone know what it is?
  3. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Emerald Crab attacking my Duncan Coral

    This morning, I had to relocate one of my emerald crabs after I watched him climb on top of my Duncan and start picking aggressively at the Duncan's fleshy bits. The Duncan has been closed up for a few days, and I've been trying to identify the problem. It has been really happy since I first...
  4. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Something is eating my fan worm

    My fan worm is developing holes in its tube. I assumed that it was being caused by my hermit crabs picking at it, but today, I saw a tiny beetle-like thing crawling across it. It didn’t look like a snail. It moved like an insect, and it was about the size of the little plastic ball they put in...
  5. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Adding tankmates

    I'd like to add some fish to my current 90 gallon FO (sort of) WLR setup, and I was hoping to get some input from the group as to what would be good to put in with my current stock. The current line up is: Diamond goby 2 clowns Powder brown tang. 1 Featherduster 1 zoa colony Snails: 2 turbos...
  6. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Reviving zoanthids?

    I took my daughter to ***** last night to look at the kittens. While we were there, I noticed that they had a fist-sized zoanthid colony for $20. I asked the guy if he had seen them open, and he said they didn't open very often. He said they had been there for 4 weeks and they were about to...
  7. Sharkbait hoohaha

    I got lucky!

    My wife works with a guy who decided to get out of the hobby (he kept cichlids) and asked if we wanted his equipment for free. He billed it as a 75 gallon with tank, lights, filter, and stand. I've been wanting to downsize my freshwater tank from an acrylic bowfront 125 gallon, So I said sure...
  8. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Popeye in Coral Beauty

    Hi everyone. I recently got a juvenile coral beauty (about 1 1/2"). His color is great, and he has been (and still is) eating well in the QT tank (Mysis, bloodworms, and veg mix). I have been supplementing the food with Zoe & garlic, but I recently switched to using Seachem's vitality +...
  9. Sharkbait hoohaha

    Adding tankmates

    Now that my recent fish emergency is behind me (see the 'quarantine tank' thread for details and for the great advice I got from the forum), I'm looking forward to adding new fish. I'm brainstorming ways to reduce the level of friction between my current fish and any new additions I make. I...