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  1. puffer32

    Baby clowns!

    6 weeks ago we did a water change in our tank and discovered our mated pair had eggs on the glass. We got afew dozen off and into the hospital tank and waited. We thought we saw afew fry hiding in the live rock and started feeding bottled phyto. There are more babies then we first thought. When...
  2. puffer32

    A few pics of some of my zoos

  3. puffer32

    With all the new sections................

    We need email notifacation when we get responses to our threads! We use to get it and it disappeared, I think its a MUST now
  4. puffer32

    Yikes, no power for 3 days!

    We just used battery operated bubblers for 2 days in the 150 and 55 DT's. Yesterday we were finally able to get a generator. We hooked it up and was able to get flow and lights back in the tanks. The only problem seems to be our jaw fish. He was really stressed out and left his cave for some...
  5. puffer32

    Lots of new pics! Come see,opinions welcome

    First pic is my 55, the rest is my 150
  6. puffer32

    Anyone else have florecent orange coraline? Pic included.

    I thought it was sponge but its rock hard and all over my LR.
  7. puffer32

    Some new pics of my 150!

    First ones are with just the T5's on, rest are T's with the MH.
  8. puffer32

    Anyone have a puffer in a reef?

    Hubby has a valentini we want to put in our home tank. He is a LFS and we love this little guy and do not want to sell him. I know they are a problem with shrimp anything else they chomp on that we are not aware of?
  9. puffer32

    Check out my jaw in this pic

  10. puffer32

    Impressive presentation by Ophiura in DFW!!!

    Members of the DFW marine society were extremely impressed with Susan's knowledge on brittlestars. Even my hubby (critical know it all LFS) loved her presentation. Thank you again Susan for a very informative evening I took afew pics, the room was really dark, but i did my best. Not the...
  11. puffer32

    Pink zoos or assorted colors

  12. puffer32

    Yellow acropora

    Wrong pic, so dropping out of contest, sorry.............
  13. puffer32

    Orange plate coral

  14. puffer32

    Tiger gobie

    I think I missed out on entering this guy
  15. puffer32

    Purple gorgonian

  16. puffer32

    Green maze brain

  17. puffer32

    Pipe organ

    I think i entered them as clove polops, but i found out they are pipe organ.
  18. puffer32

    Blue mushrooms

  19. puffer32

    Green acropora

  20. puffer32

    Orchid acropora