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  1. nietzsche

    (3) T5HO Workhose5 ballasts and odyssea 150w MH ballast

    Making some room around the house and wont need these: (3) workhorse 5 ballasts: each one ran 2x54w T5HO bulbs, so 3 would run a 6x54w bulbs. was going to setup another tank with these but 2 tanks are already enough in my house. "Powers up 2-4 x 24w T5 HO bulbs, 1-3 x 39w T5 HO bulb or 1-2 x 54w...
  2. nietzsche

    WTT OR SELL Aqualogic DS-2 1/5hp chiller!!!

    I would like to sell this for 455 shipped. it says its rated up to 120g tank. Comes with the aqualogic temp. controller I would also love to trade for any of the following: -ACJR with temp probe, serial port, cable, DC8 or an AC3 but doubt anyone will give up an ac3 -Vortech MP20, MP40, MP40W...
  3. nietzsche

    Priced to sell!! TWO Tunze 6025s!

    I'm trying to make room around the house. I have two tunze 6025s with the new C-clips replaced by Roger from Tunze. They both have modded shrouds and can be bought for i believe 5 dollars each. These were used on my 28g for SPS and did a great job. I really hate selling these since they cost...
  4. nietzsche

    Mag Drive 9.5 and 7

    Selling mag drive 9.5 and a mag drive 7. Im currently using the 9.5 right now until the larger pump comes in next week tuesday, but i have the mag7 to ship out immediately. mag 7 comes with prefilter and will throw in the connections i used except tubing. for the mag 9.5 i will also throw in the...
  5. nietzsche

    Harlequin Tusk! Let me see them!

    hey guys, i wanted to check out the harlequin tusk. it looks like the one they sell on this website is from the indian ocean. i saw the other one which is the australian and it has more blue on it what do you guys feed it? how does it behave towards new comers?
  6. nietzsche

    aiptasia on my hammer coral?

    my bc14 has had an explosion of aiptasias. first there were just two large ones but since i tried using aiptasia X, more popped up i just noticed i have a couple of them that appeared on my hammer coral. whats the safest way of removing them without damaging the tissue on the hammer? theyre...
  7. nietzsche

    Anyone think the AD is weird for macna?

    all of the people who compete with are at MACNA selling all their corals, fish, fish tanks, equipment.... so how is it that they have the ad up???? or is this only because it might affect a small amount of people??
  8. nietzsche

    Rubbermaid sumps for a 75g ??

    anyone have any experience with any rubbermaid sumps? im not using the ones that are used for feeding cattle, im using the one from Lowe's called the Rubbermaid Roughneck. It's 18 gallons so far i drilled it for a bulkhead and have it running and have it on my 75 while it cycles with some 60 lbs...
  9. nietzsche

    WTB: TUNZE 6080 or 6060

    Anyone on this board getting rid of some 6060s or 6080s by tunze? let me know by posting on here or sending me a PM. Thank you
  10. nietzsche

    New tomato clownfish and their (her) new home

    traded a metal halide fixture in for store credit and picked up these two goons. still have some store credit left over though. female and male took to the anemone that same night they were in the tank and female loves it. anemone must like it too since it doubled in size. the anemone has been...
  11. nietzsche

    1/4hp chiller on a very small tank? good or bad?

    im getting the equipment ready for my 75g tank and i just got my 1/4hp chiller. before i setup my 75 (few weeks), im wondering if i can put the 1/4hp chiller on a 28g with half of a 20g tank sump being used? i dont know the total volume of water, but i imagine its not that much will this mess up...
  12. nietzsche

    need helping wiring an older icecap ballast!

    i connected an icecap 250 electronic ballast to a pfo mini pendent but the wires on the harness of the ballast are messed up. a couple of them were loose and i dont know which colors went where. the wires connect to a plastic thing that connects to the ballast it keeps tripping the gfci but...
  13. nietzsche

    WTB: IceCap Electronic 250w/175w Ballast

    I want to buy an IceCap Electronic 250w or 175w ballast, please PM me or respond if you have them available. thank you
  14. nietzsche

    Need help on pricing for tunze 6025s

    im breaking down my tank and trading it for a larger tank, only thing is hes not giving me much credit.. so im keeping some important things like powerheads, iwaki pump, sump, protein skimmer. i have 3 tunze 6025s that are modified to push 1,200+ gph, you can buy the housing for like 5 bucks...
  15. nietzsche

    Question for those who make their own fish food

    i bought a packaged mixed combo mix that the store makes, but it doesnt say what's in it. from what i can guess it might be crab meat, some oysters, some white meat, and some dark brown meat that might be catfish? what is and is not usable to make food for the fish? heres some pics:
  16. nietzsche

    taking air pocket out of U-Tube?

    is there anyway to remove the air pocket in a u-tube? i know its supposed to have all water, but the only way it has all water is if i open up the valves on the pump. this usually causes the water to rise too far up in the aquarium and the overflowbox cant keep up i have an aqualifter pump...
  17. nietzsche

    ASM G-Mini skimmer any good?

    its for the ones rated up to 75g i believe. what are the usual prices for them?
  18. nietzsche

    free tds meter

    did anyone get in on that sweet deal? im not sure if im allowed to post the link, but a website was having a sale on a handheld tds meter, and if you used google checkout for new google users, it would end up coming out to 0 dollars total. some taxes might be applied in a couple of states like...
  19. nietzsche

    Yellow tail blue damsel

  20. nietzsche


    first thread! what is this