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  1. candycane

    plankton and rotifers

    Has anyone had any luck with breeding starfish? I was thinking of trying it because I've had an OK amount of experience with clowns and even a few tangs (mainly zebrasoma) - but starfish seem to be in a whole different category from what I have seen. Still I think it would be interesting to get...
  2. candycane

    Request for Clown or Anthias pics...please email

    I am looking for clownfish or anthias pics. If you could please email them to me with a note saying that I have the right to use those pictures in whatever way I want, that would be great. My email address is cfrecf @ yahoo . com without the spaces
  3. candycane

    Tridacna Clam Lighting Needs - Croceas CAN NOT survive T5s

    long term. Croceas - where they should belong. The patches that are all over the clam are called iridophores; those are made up of iridocytes which form smaller apparent "bumps" called iridosomal platelets. The colors around these little bumps (schemochromes) direct light into these areas...
  4. candycane

    Captive Purity RO/DI Unit for sale

    75 GPH, 4 Stage Deluxe, RO/DI Unit. 3 Months Old, needs a new sediment filter. It's been used about 400 gallons worth. $150.00 then probably $15.00 for shipping. PM Me or Email me if interested cfrecf @ yahoo . com without the spaces
  5. candycane

    Anyone feel like testing their tank?

    Are there any people out there that would happen to have or be willing to purchase a DO test from whoever and testing their water every 4-8-12-15-18-20 and 24 hours after feeding to see if the bacteria or natural occurring algae in a tank sucks down the DO and by how much? I am going to; it...
  6. candycane

    700 Billion dollar idea is GONE!!!

    Does this mean my fish are worthless now? What about my corals? LOL
  7. candycane

    2 HQI Pendants and one RO/DI unit

    I have two pendants for sale. One is a 250 watt PFO HQI double ended pendant with electronic ballast. I am asking $200.00 for that one. The other is a Hamilton Technology 400 watt double ended HQI pendant and ballast. I want $225.00 for that one. Both are US prices and both come with Hamilton...
  8. candycane

    No Longer offering clams - captive bred is forbidden.

    I personally like the idea that captive bred clownfish, clams, pods, corals, etc. that may openly spawn, are being kept in the hobby and sold through channels other then mainstream suppliers. Not being brought in from overseas either. has however asked me to stop selling clams...
  9. candycane

    I'm bored - breeding Flame Angels and Yellow Tangs

    Starting in mid-Fall, I think I might try breeding Flame Angels and Yellow Tangs. Any other requests? I only want to breed two fish; but would like to see if there is any other ideas for "breeding fish" besides these two?
  10. candycane

    Two Maximas going up - Green Vanuatu & Black/White

    I am selling two clams. One is a green "Northern Lights" Vanuatu. It is about 3 inches. The other is a Black and White Vanuatu (it also has some odd shade of yellow in there), this one is also 2.5-3 inches. I will ship USPS the same way I always do (unless someone who wants it, wants to pay more...
  11. candycane

    Do I have the right to GLOAT!!!???

    Here it is. I was in the LFS about an hour ago. One Duncan coral (Duncanopsammia). I think it might be an Australian based on the coloration when it fully opens. Here's the gloating. I asked how much it was, 41 dollars per polyp I thought was a bit high. Turns out it was 41 dollars FOR THE...
  12. candycane

    New MAXIMAS and DERASAS 4-sale - YOU GOTTA SEE!!

    These clams are tank raised - and come from right here in Colorado. The price per clam is $54.00. Shipping is a flat $25.00 USPS overnight for 1-3 clams (you just have to live in an Express Guaranteed overnight area). If you order a Golden Teardrop with any of these clams, I will throw that one...
  13. candycane

    How does this just happen - VIPER!

    You should love this. Of course I wouldn't sell it for anything less then much money, but the lines are also a lot whiter. The color got kind of masked out by the water column and clowding of the sand. I watched nearly all of these open and then this one somehow got missed. It's the only one...
  14. candycane

    Anyone interested in Live Rock?

    Here's the deal. I ordered about 100 pounds and only need around 50 of it. I paid 4 dollars a pound (it would have been 6 with only 50) without shipping, which is what I would charge. It's supposed to be a mix of Fiji and Tonga and supposed to be here tomorrow, so if anyone wants to buy the...
  15. candycane

    Brand New Pinpoint PH Monitor

    This is a brand new pinpoint PH monitor. It comes with brand new calibration fluids. The probe has never been unwrapped and the monitor never removed from the plastic. I didn't need it because my algae problem went away on it's own, which means I also have a brand new container of ESV Kalkwasser...
  16. candycane

    Squamosa and Maxima - ABSOLUTELY HUGE!!

    I am selling these two clams after giving them a few months off from the broadstock tanks. I still need new lights BADLY! Both of the Bad boys/girls are REALLY big, so shipping won't be cheap. Probably around 50-60 bucks, USPS as long as you are in a USPS overnight Zip Code from 80920. If you...
  17. candycane

    Live sand for sale.

    I have some sand that I am going to be wanting to sell out my clam tanks. It is Carb Aragonite and Bahama Oolite and is just filled with pods, spaghetti worms, etc. It will only be about 40-60 pounds and I am thinking about 1 dollar a pound? I am replacing with Flordia CC to give the smaller...
  18. candycane

    Still looking for Pom-Pom Xenia and Blasto Wellsi

    If you have frags of either for sale, please PM me so that we can discuss sale. I am looking for the light pink Pom-Pom Xenias from I think it is the Red Sea and Blastomussa Wellsis if you have any. My email is cfrecf @ yahoo . com without the spaces.
  19. candycane

    Selling some of my more rare corals.

    I need to clear some room in my 55 and get some new lights in the process for a my new tank. Most of these I have had for years and years and years. Some of them were my favorite show pieces. Shipping is a flat $25.00 a piece as long as you are in a guaranteed USPS overnight area. If more then...
  20. candycane

    2 400-watt Hamilton Reefstar Pendants

    I have two Reefstar Pendants that I am asking 310 a piece for and then it will probably be another 15 for shipping. This includes the Reefstar Pendant, Pulse Start Ballast and 14K Bulbs. Both have been used about a month TOPS. The light is just too intense for what I am trying to keep under...