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  1. xavier

    Hexagonal Tanks?

    I am looking on purchasing a hexagonal tank for my new home and wanted to know if anyone out there had this kind of shape. One to go in the middle of a room with a view all the way around and all the filters in the middle. If so, what size and diemsions and the set up you have.
  2. xavier

    Your opinions on 100g. set up

    I want to get all your opinions in setting up an aggressive 100g. tank. Filters to use, and any set up. I have had a 50g for over 2 years now so I am aware of many things. Just want to get opinions on brands and items to use. Thus far I will use a WetDry filter plumbed to a 10-20g. sump where...
  3. xavier

    Big Tanks - Qs

    in the near future I will be looking to set up a tank near 200g and am seeking peple that have a big set up and what they use. Filters, Lights, and anything else. Just curious.
  4. xavier

    Kelp Question

    I have gotten the itch to get comments. I would like to set up a tank to grow kelp. I live in So California and I see much of it when snorkling and was wondering if it would be possible to set a tank and grow this at home. Parameters? Environment?
  5. xavier

    Feather Duster in Crushed Coral?

    Can I place a Feather Duster in crushed coral? What about in between rocks? Do they require food?
  6. xavier

    Feather Duster

    I am looking to purchasing a feather duster and have much information but will like to get opinions and more info. Are they pretty hardy in your opinion? Where to attach? I have crushed coral.
  7. xavier

    Lightning - Help!

    I am setting up a 25 gallon tank and wanted to know about lights. Thus far I have installed in the canopy 2 florescent lights 1 - Actinic - Blue - 20w 1 - 20w Planning on installing another white lights around 5000k again 20w. Will this be enough? I want to put mushrooms, polyps for now and as...
  8. xavier

    Attractive 10g?

    I am slowly setting up a small 10g tank for my mother and wanted to know what other have put on a 10g to make for an attractive set up. Currently it is only 2 lace rocks and one Percula Clown in the tank. Filtered by a small Millennium filter. Please post here. IP
  9. xavier

    Algae Tanks?

    I want to know if any of you out there has a separate Algae tank to grow Macroalgae. I want to set one up for the time being and was wondering about minimum size, light, species, care and other comments?
  10. xavier

    Wet/Dry problems?

    I was wondering - If the power went out and one uses a wet/dry filter system under the tank and the pump stopped working - The water will still plow out of the tank into the wet/dry unit and overflow to a point where the prefilter box in the tank will be empty. Correct me if I am wrong. Any...
  11. xavier

    Ammonia Spike :(

    I have had the tank going for around 6 months and all the sudden last weekend my ammonia just shot up. Any way to fix quick? Chemicals, more bio filter? It is a 55 gallon tank 1 Millennium (Big one) 1 Magnum HO 1 SeaClone Skimmer 1 Lion (med) 1 Humma Trigger (med) 1 Undulated (small) 1 Blue Line...