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  1. obsessedwithfish

    Spotted grouper

    Looks like my spotted grouper is nine months pregnant with no other grouper in the tank.
  2. obsessedwithfish

    Heating for a 180

    We have a 180 and a 300 gallons acrylic tanks and neither one of them have heaters in them.
  3. obsessedwithfish

    making your own food

    Thanks to everyone, that helped out alot. We have been feeding raw shrimp, scallops and mussels along with flake and lettuce but were putting the shrimp and scallops in just cut up and there would always be some under the rock fermenting thats why I was looking for something I could make up and...
  4. obsessedwithfish

    making your own food

    Does anyone have any recipes for making your own frozen food? We have angels,tangs, eel, and puffers. Some like meatier food and of course the tangs and angels like lettuce.
  5. obsessedwithfish

    What Does Aiptasia Look Like

    Originally Posted by corally I bought peppermint shrimp for mine, didn't work. I tried boiling water, didn't work. Then I got joe's juice and it finally got rid of them. What is Joes juice and where can I get it? Thanks
  6. obsessedwithfish

    Looks like feather dusters

    I tried to send a picture but don't know how. That's what they look like cheep anenamies. So I take it this is bad.
  7. obsessedwithfish

    Looks like feather dusters

    Originally Posted by fedukeford if they are feather dusters they are fine, if they are aptasia, thats a problem How would I know?
  8. obsessedwithfish

    Looks like feather dusters

    I have a 90 gallon reef tank which is doing very well has been established for 5 years. I'm seeing alot of brownish dusters growing from the rocks and glass. Are these harmful to the tank or a bonus? I can send a picture if needed
  9. obsessedwithfish

    possible ick

    Thank you for your help. If I do treat it with something do I do a water change after? What %. If I don't treat it and use the garlic and vitamins, should I do a water change? The fish is looking a little better today I have never done the hyposalinity before.
  10. obsessedwithfish

    orange tree sponge

    We have a tree sponge in our reef tank the top part of it looks dead the bottom part is fine. My question is can I cut of the dead part or just leave it? Thank you
  11. obsessedwithfish

    possible ick

    No quarantine . What is hyposalinity? Would use copper, put some liquid vit. in tonight and have liquid garlic. None of the other fish are showing anything yet. Thank you
  12. obsessedwithfish

    possible ick

    Hi, We just introduced 4 days ago a show vlamingi tang to our 300g fish only tank. All levels are good nitrites are a little high. Also in the tank two puffers, two groupers, french angle, lion fish, a naso, a purple and a clown tang and a foxface. The tang is covered in white spots he is...
  13. obsessedwithfish

    white spots on vlamingi tang

    We have recently intoduced a show vlamingi tang to our 300g fish only tank. He has small white spots covering the whole fish. Other fish in tank---naso, clown, foxface and purple tang, couple of groupers, couple of puffers, french angel, lion fish. The levels are fine, good protein skimmer...
  14. obsessedwithfish

    adding my corals to new tank

    Hi all, I just sent a message about live rock now I need some advice. Once the tank is ready we want to house sps corals, inverts and a couple of small fish. We have another corner reef on the other side of the room with bubbles, mushrooms, tree sponge, cup coral, cabbage, leather. We want the...
  15. obsessedwithfish

    live rock

    Hi all, We bought some pre-cured live rock and are almost into the third week of cycling it. When we got it in we lightly brushed it put it in our 90 gallon with live sand. Yesterday I did a 50 % water change along with taking all the rock out (nice golden brown) and brushed it again (the...
  16. obsessedwithfish

    Porcupine Puffer with Inverts?

    I have 2 puffers pork puffer and stars and strips they are such a nice addition to the tank and adjust very well with fish. I would not recommend inverts of any kind my puffers eat anything they can fit in their mouth. Just don't want you to feel bad when you put something in and a...
  17. obsessedwithfish

    porchupine puffer

    I have a stars and strips and a pork puffer. The pork puffer I have had for 3 years and it swims on the bottom or on top of tank and then will settle for hours, no worry. When I go to the tank I call her sweetie and tell her how beautiful she is etc and she responses very well (blinking her...
  18. obsessedwithfish

    aquarium service

    I should have explained myself better. The tank I am talking about was just tranferred over from another 90 gallon corner. (we have two) we used to have in addition to the rock, corals and Mandarin about 5 other fish and a snowflake eel. So this tank I am talking about was transferred over...
  19. obsessedwithfish

    aquarium service

    We just set up a week ago, a 90 gallon corner reef tank. 100 pounds of fiji rock ETSS protein skimmer 2 MH ushio 10000k bulbs 2 bubble corals leather coral cup coral mandarin gobie 5 star fish different types of mushrooms We are hiring people to service this tank. When should we have our first...