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    Mystical scooter blenny.

    What does DD stand for? Newbie here.
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    How many fish

    I have a 55g FOWLR that is 3 months old. All parameters are good. I have a Red Hawk, 2 damsels, 2 Nemo clowns ( couldn’t spell the proper name) 2 cleaner shrimp, snails and crabs. I will be putting a Scopus Tang in after quarantine. Am I at my max or can I add more fish? Any suggestions on fish...
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    I am not sure the position to place my power head. I was told it should ripple the water. I have a 55 g fish only. I just got some new rock and I have noticed the coralline dying. LFS brought them when they did a water change so not sure if the were in or out of water. Just wondering if the flow...
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    Random Assortment of Observations and Questions

    Got cha. I learn something every time I’m on her.
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    what type of frag is this?

    I don’t know but it is beautiful.
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    Newbie 24 gallon all-in-one reefer.

    I too am in a shock with the amount of fish you have. Are you doing this on your own or is a LFS helping you. Gosh you have spent a lot of money.
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    Help on stocking list

    I just got a Scopus and I love him.
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    Random Assortment of Observations and Questions

    I am wondering about your frequent filter cleansing. I too am a newbie, so I leaned something from each post. I change my filters once a month. For bacterial reasons. Wondering if your cleaning to often? I have snails and hermits and when I knew there was plenty of algae is when I added them. I...