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    My tank looks rlly bad. And I can’t fix it?!!

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and why it’s so full of Algae. The lights are only on for 11 hours. Fed once a day. I don’t have snails or hermit crabs and my cleaner shrimp died.
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    Successful pairing question/verification help pls pics provided

    So uh yeah third attempt. My male came from a harem so it was sexless and now I believe is a male. He does the wiggle thing to her and she backs up to him and they rub againts each other when I go look also ignore the green hair algae I’m doing a water change and have a sea hare thats helping
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    Pom Pom crab?! How do I get it out and find it.

    I see it occasionally and would like to see it more therefore I want to move it to a smaller tank but don’t know how to catch and and not kill or harm it. It doesn’t even come out when I feed I think it’s nature is just cleaning up so I’m not sure how to go about this
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    Pairing going wrong?! Fighting maroons

    I have had a gold nugget in the tank for about 6 months who’s about an inch and a half and decided to try pairing with a lightning maroon that’s 2 and a half inches. My smaller fish seems more aggressive. They both occasionally do the submissive wiggle to each other then fight?! I rlly love both...
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    Bleached GBTA?

    So I had a orbit led light that was 30 watts and I learned I’m supposed to have 5 watts per gallon my tank is 33 gallon tall so I bought a 165watt light. The mars aqua 165w and set it up 12 inches above as suggested my nem seem to enjoy it. I had the light at a 100% which now I realize was a...
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    Gold Nugget Maroon clownfish compatibility with a pair of Platinum and Midnight

    so I have a young Gold Nugget in my 45 gallon and have a pair of the platinum and midnight. they pair have out grown their reef tank and would like to move them in with the gold nugget. yes or no? all of the fish are the exact same size. the gold nugget did become very territorial with the...