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  1. carlos413

    CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump

    I picked up a CPR bak pak 2 and it came with an accela pump. CPR used to recommend ether the maxi jet 1200 or a Rio pump, not sure what model but it don’t matter because I was not going with the Rio. My question is the accela pump better than the maxi jet and if so why? I’D like to get input...
  2. carlos413

    software for tracking parameters

    does anyone know of any software that I can use to track my water parameters . prefer a free one.
  3. carlos413

    Tornadoes hit Western Massachusetts. Link to video!
  4. carlos413

    Cooling aquarium under $8

    Its getting warmer as summer nears. Yesterday my tank was at 82 degrees, I normally keep it at 78 degrees. I went out and got a small clip on fan for under $8. I have it faceing my t5's fanning the heat from the fixture away from the tank. I have managed to keep my temp at steady 76 degrees. I...
  5. carlos413

    sad day

    Just venting... I ve had my tank for 3 years I had a pair of clowns and a green bouble tip anemone in that tank for two year. Two days ago I woke up to my clowns finally in the anemone after two years of being in the same tank. Two days latter I wake up to my anemone in side one of my...
  6. carlos413

    High fin goby & tiger pistol shrimp

    I got a pair of these guys last friday. I acclimated them for two hours. The shrimp found a spot towards the front of the tank " perfect just what I wanted". To date the fish has remained hidden I have yet to see him eat. I am a little worried that he may starve to death. I hope he pulls...
  7. carlos413

    goby pistol shrimp? ???

    Guys my lfs has two sets of goby pistol shirimp paired up. Any steps I need to take in order to get them to stay paired up and find each other in my tank? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. carlos413

    Power failure safe sump?

    I have a sumpless 55 gallon reef aquarium. I have always been interested in setting up a sump/refuge. My concern is that in the event I have a power failure, my aquarium water will spill over from the return back in to my sump causing a flood. What can I do to eliminate this risk?
  9. carlos413

    could flat worms hitch a ride on fish and shrimp?

    so I went to my lfs and they had 3 different sets of goby pistol shrimp all ready paired up. the problem was the tanks had falt worms. i wanted them so bad... but didnt want to risk it. I always dip my corals, i was wondering if there is something i could do to make sure I could get them with...
  10. carlos413

    Coral pics check em out

  11. carlos413

    do brine shrimp eat phyto?

    my lfs gets live brine shrimp weekley. I was wondering if i feed them phytoplankton could i improve there neutritonal value?
  12. carlos413

    Rio 600 pump for a cpr hob fuge?

    I got a CPR hob fuge, got it used for $40 not a bad deal. It didn't come with a pump, the salesmen at the lfs suggested I go with a rio 600. Will this pump cause too much flow? :%%:
  13. carlos413

    Fragging a nice blue sponge from a Blastomusa Wellsi (LPS)? ??? Pic added

    I got this coral about 8 months ago. Its a Blastomusa Wellsi (LPS)? When I got it I did not notice it but some how a blue sponge grew on the side of it. I now see a second one growing. Next the the main sponge. Id like to know how I could go about fragging the sponges away from the coral and...
  14. carlos413

    Updated Tank shots

    Full tank shot, Cell phone cam does no justice!!!
  15. carlos413

    New lights anemone takes off part 2 Some back round on my story can be found above. The anemone is still moveing it has stung some corals. I made a rack out of egg crate and removed the corals I could to give it room to wander and avoid more...
  16. carlos413

    New lights anemone takes off???

    I've had my green bta for just over a year now. When I first got it it found it's happy place with in 24 hours. It never moved till the other day when I changed my bulbs. I know it's the new bulbs because that's the only thing that changed in my tank. I did go from 2 12k and 2 460 actinics to 1...
  17. carlos413

    Help with bulb color Wavepoint

    I own a wavepoint 48" fixture. Its about time to change the bulbs, Ive been useing the bulbs that came with the fixture. Two 12k and 2 460 actinics. I am looking in to getting one of there bulbs, this is what they have, what do you guys recomend? SUPERBLUE 460™ Super Blue Actinic 460 REEF WAVE™...
  18. carlos413

    Dremel rotary tools

    I went to my local hardware store looking for one of these only to find a billion different models in all kinds of price ranges. Could someone recommend one for me that is cost effective? and do a good job? cordless or corded? I am looking to frag hammers, torches Duncan's, and other lps like...
  19. carlos413

    Four T5 Bulb SET UP!!!

    I have a four bulb HO T5 set by Wavepoint. It’s got two sunwave super daylight 12000k and two super blue 460 actinic lamps my question is id like to get a slightly bluer light not overpowering “not to much blue”. I also like something that would promote coral growth. I got blues and green red...
  20. carlos413

    Thoughts on wave makers

    I was thinking of getting a wave maker for my 55 gallon reef tank. I am posting this to get some feed back on what you fellow reefers think. I was thinking of getting the, Red Sea Wavemaster Pro Wave Maker. Id relly like to here if anyone has this particular unit or other they like better. As...