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  1. nycbob

    updated pics of my reef

  2. nycbob

    hi all!

    hello everyone! havent been at this forum for a while. has anyone order from lately? thinking of adding some fish and inverts but havent ordered from here the last 18 months. is the quality still good like in the past?
  3. nycbob

    updated tank video

  4. nycbob

    pictures i took today!

    bangaii cardinal the coral beauty i added recently. the flame is starting to accept him in the tank. flame hawkfish always begging for food. fts. got a new hob super reef lx1000s skimmer. not very happy with the noise this thing is producing so far. another fts flame angel inspecting...
  5. nycbob

    Flame angel isnt very nice to CB
  6. nycbob

    mixing flame and coral beauty together

    i decided two days ago to tansfer my cb from my softie tank to my sps mix reef, which also housed a flame angel. at first, the flame angel wasnt very happy. as of today, the flame angel seems to tolerate the cb a bit more. i hope this works out, and will post pics once they get along better.
  7. nycbob

    interesting reef video
  8. nycbob

    Tuxedo Urchin Spawning Today
  9. nycbob

    mini carpet anemone and update pictures since may 2010 crash

    Had a crash back in may. lost many sps. these pictures were taken in october. slowly, the corals are growing again.
  10. nycbob

    b4 and after shots of tank crash

    here r some pics for comparison. the 1st three pics show the tank after 2 1/2 years. the last show the current state. i am in the process of obtaining some new sps to grow out again. i really miss my green cap bc he was a money maker at the lfs during trade-in.
  11. nycbob

    lost half of my corals

    just came back from a 1 week cruise, only to find out half of the corals r dead. all of my sps r gone except 1. for whatever reason the protein skimmer stopped working during the trip, and i had my foxface died during that time. my beloved green and red caps, acros and birdnest of 2+ years r all...
  12. nycbob

    shaving brush plant

    got 2 yesterday from it arrived all smelly in very foul water inside the bag. today, it turned all white inside my tank. anyone has any experience with this plant? i think the plant is dead, but need to confirm b4 throwing them out.
  13. nycbob

    got my new ati sunpower last week, took some pics

    i am running 2 ati aquablue , 1 blueplus, 1 giesemann aquablue, actinic plus and 1 uvi aquablue. the fixture is very quiet and the lighting much brighter compared to the nova pro.
  14. nycbob

    pics to share and update

    i traded in my big leather and birdsnest recently. also did some trimming. here r some pics taken this week, enjoy: awesome algae eater: zoas r growing well and smothering monti: two crocea clams: the gold and supposedly green maxima from
  15. nycbob

    ati sunpower 6x54w

    just placed the order for it. it should be coming next week. i am excited, as this is replacing my nova pro. will post pics once fixture is hung.
  16. nycbob

    koralia evolution pumps not wavmaker friendly?

    just want to warn people about the new powerheads by hydor. it seems many people r having problems with this pumps spinning backward under wavemakers awhile after of using them, myself included. the 1400 model is still running fine, but the 1050 model is having the issue. i now hv the 1050...
  17. nycbob

    i give up didnt come through regarding the clam colors. u guys could still follow the thread at ask nice doing business with the past 3 years. they r now accusing me of lying. i hv attached a copy of their email at that thread. u will tell a few friends of mine regarding this matter.
  18. nycbob

    1st disappointment from

    just received my order a hour ago. instead of a green maxima, i got a blue one. its still nice but not very happy about it since i already hv 2 blue crocea clams, and wanted to add a green clam. called but no one picked up. i will update to see what they can do for me. never had an issue...
  19. nycbob

    tek elite fixture

    does anyone hv one yet? any info on it? i searched the web, but very few details on it. my nova pro is showing its age after 3 years, and i think i just might get this fixture (6x54w) for $580 with bulbs.
  20. nycbob livestock

    after reading a few bad reviews recently regarding order, i decided to place an order over the weekend. it was my 7th order, the 1st since last september. i ordered a maxima clam, a shrimp goby, a sailfin tang, and a few hermits. everything arrived healthy and looked very good...