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  1. paintballer768

    Starting Over - Round 2

    Life got hectic and the tank got really neglected. All of my corals are dead except my duncans (I think they are not receeding yet), and my fish, cleaner shrimp, and clam are still alive. Ive been battling ammonia/nitrite/nitrate throughout this whole process and have not been able to get a...
  2. paintballer768

    Aiptasia removal question

    Usually I would just take a syringe and blast it with boiling water, but its on my little crocea. Special way to do it? Thanks
  3. paintballer768

    Admin's Tanks

    Hey SWF administrators/owners, what does your all tanks look like! Just supposed to be a fun thread, since I know you all have to have one out there
  4. paintballer768

    1 year tank shots

    Itll be a year old on the 11th, so Im starting it now, since I dont want to retake pictures. Heres the tank... NOTE: The joker acans werent feeling well today, so they decided they didnt wanna open.
  5. paintballer768

    Has anyone ever tried this?

    I just was thinking and dont recall ever seeing this done before. What if someone had like, a 120 gallon seahorse-pipefish tank? Thatd be nirvana hahaha. Plenty of pods, like a whole herd of seahorses and pipefish.
  6. paintballer768

    New Bangaii

    Bought an aquacultured bangaii from my LFS today. Its been there with 2 others in a tank for 12 days, so I felt confident enough to buy it (considering the fish in nearby cubicles were also looking healthy). I acclimated it, put it in, and it eats like a pig already. Any helpful tips or...
  7. paintballer768

    Did the Dolphins really just beat the Pats?

  8. paintballer768

    Just changed from 14k to 20k and WOW!!

    Title says it all. Freaking brilliant!!! I love the color Im getting. Greens are flourescent, reds are on fire, blues are so amazing. I love it all. Ill post a pic tomorrow since the lights are off for the night. Heres a before....
  9. paintballer768

    Zoanthid ID subforum

    Half the posts in the Zoanthid forum are ID requests. Maybe we could make a subforum and sort the questions from the IDs?? Please sign if you think this is a good idea.
  10. paintballer768

    New ORA corals?

    I went to the LFS and saw some beauties I never knew existed!!! Supernatural capricornis, Red planet table, plum crazy, purple something, pearlberry, blue voodoo, and verde acro. Whats your favorite, and does anyone have pics of these in your tank??
  11. paintballer768

    Queue Addiction!

    Ya know how a little while back, ya'll said its only a matter of time before I get addicted? Yeaaaaa it happened haha. My Koralia 2 came in today and is helping out the flow a lot in the tank. And more importantly, my frags came. A small birdsnest frag, red millepora, and a green apple monti...
  12. paintballer768

    Sixline nips sometimes?

    I noticed today my sixline nips. I JUST GOT ARID OF MY CORAL BEAUTY FOR THE SAME THING. Is there any reason why it would be doing this? Is there ANY fish out there that is 100% reef-safe, other than a clownfish, for a 24 gallon?
  13. paintballer768

    Sure Flow Maxijet Mod F/S

    I just bought Algae Free's Sure Flow 1600 mod for the maxijets. My tank being so small, I would have to guess it at least tripled or quadrupled the flow the MJ was putting out before. Caused a sandstorm and such so now its up for sale. Asking $25 shipped. Heres the manufacturer site to get an...
  14. paintballer768

    WTB 2 Koralia 1's

    Let me know if you have any. Important stuff is how long theyve been in use, and possible pictures if you can. Ill buy and pay shipping.
  15. paintballer768

    Bicolor Blenny reef compatability

    Are they 100% reef safe? I think I read somewhere about them and softies not getting along sometimes?
  16. paintballer768

    Small Maroon Clown + Coral Beauty Angel-WPB, FL!

    Selling my small coral beauty angel and small maroon clownfish. The coral beauty angel has developed a taste for expensive zoanthids, which means hes gotta go. Both are roughly 2-3" long. I need to get rid of the CBA, but what concerns me is adding new fish to a 24 gallon tank with the maroon...
  17. paintballer768

    Fish that eats amphipods

    Heres my situation. My 24 gallon is just starting to get some expensive zoanthids in it, and my coral beauty has recently taken a taste to it. Therefore, hes being evicted. My other problem is the amphipods. They eat some zoanthids and hurt the polyps and tear em up. This only happens when...
  18. paintballer768

    New Acan Lord colony!!

    Just received it from a guy on another site. They look mad when I took the pics, but now theyre pretty puffed up.
  19. paintballer768

    Update on SPS situation

    So I just fragged up my armageddon colony and left room for reaquascaping. I just redid everything, and in the midst of it all I ended up getting 2 acropora frags. I directed a powerhead across the tank at them and Im getting polyp extension daily, and blowing in the current. I think my...
  20. paintballer768

    PAR/Lumen Difference of 20k and 14k

    Bulb replacement time for me is right around the corner. I kind of want to switch to a 20k bulb to see the color difference, but due to money constraints I cant buy another 14k just incase something were to happen. Heres my question... 24 gallon tank, 150 watt Sunpod MH. Im keeping zoos and LPS...