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  1. puffer666

    stop mooving NEM

    so my new problem is my nem wont stay its bean about 3 weeks and still wont stay in one spot and i know they do this but how long will this take? dont like moving my corals daily!
  2. puffer666

    ick-ich gone! ez

    So i had withe dots on my puffer and clown in my saltwater tank and got it in my fresh water.this is all do to big water change with out RO or any clean water tap water is so bad ware im at and i had no clue tell i lost a freshwater angel fish a zedradanle. both salt and fresh went down fast...
  3. puffer666

    o no

    so im trying to brows this site and google tells me this site has hacked and will send me mailware!!! fix this fast i like this site.
  4. puffer666

    dead spots.

    whats a good fish to swim through my rocks and caves?
  5. puffer666


    will my clown's host my NEM i don't wont to get them out. will they host on there own?
  6. puffer666

    10 gl

    so i have a 10 gal tank and 2 30 gal filters on it will this work and a power head? i no it works but i had to much crushed coral sand bed nitrate got to high so Im starting over help wonted.
  7. puffer666

    ich-ick on valentini puffer

    I see a lil white spot on my puffer it went away.but he;s in my reef tank so i wont him out and in my lil QT tank as i try to net him he's just to fast and smart cant do it this was all in the last few days. but now I look today and see the ich on his eye and fin. i feed my tank OMEGA ONE with...