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  1. funkysean5


    Maybe Australian blenny. Can grow up to 6cm. Never can find them in my LFS though.
  2. funkysean5

    Amphiprion mccullochi

    and expensive......
  3. funkysean5

    Rarest fish /invert you own?

    Thielles clownfish. Got him for $20 bucks (LFS thought he was a tomato clown).
  4. funkysean5

    Coral Keepers 180 gallon reef diary.

    Haven't posted in like a month.... so nice tank! Did you get rid of the 28g or do you still have it?
  5. funkysean5

    New volitan

    Originally Posted by SALAMI TRIGGER He looks great! Definetly vary his diet....stay away from feeder fish when possible. Thanks! I'm trying to wean him on frozen silversides right now. Then other food.
  6. funkysean5

    New volitan

    Thanks guys for the compliments!
  7. funkysean5

    recent picture of my tank

    Nice tank! it is full of coral!
  8. funkysean5

    New volitan

    Heres my new volitan lion that I took a pic of with my new camera. Sorry they're not that good of pics.
  9. funkysean5

    95 wave front 15 months later

    Beautiful! I love wavefront tanks
  10. funkysean5

    Domino Chromis and Anemone

    Not unusual..damsels are related to clowns.
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    My new fish - 40 gallon Reef (Mystery Wrasse)

    Wow.. beautiful tank and fish!
  12. funkysean5

    18 Months of Work!

    Awesome tank!
  13. funkysean5

    Jackri's 90g reef

    Wow, your tank looks even more amazing!
  14. funkysean5

    My jellyfish tank diary.

    Man the jelly is so cool! Hope you can catch a few more.
  15. funkysean5

    Some New Shots (Pic Intense)

    Wow those are amazing pics. I love the macros.
  16. funkysean5

    Seahorse and scorps and shrimp, Oh My!!

    Once again, beautiful fish! I wish we got some scorpions here.
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    Nice filefish!
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    What's the weirdest thing u saw ur fish do?

    My lion spitting water at me, or my puffer twirling in circles rapidly.
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    ID Please

    Originally Posted by jubbin2001 Looking at it it appears to me to be Aiptasia and a Mojano anemone. You'll want to get rid of them asap. Anyone else? Ageed, they are aiptasia and mojano. Do not cut them up, but spray some kalkwasser or Joes Juice on them.
  20. funkysean5

    54 Corner Reef

    Beautiful Tank!