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  1. 110innc

    Nano reefer

    Anybody know where he be at?
  2. 110innc

    Whats your favorite color

    I like orange. How about all of yall?
  3. 110innc

    Ill bet you havent heard this one

    In my moms tank she has a diamond goby.In her tank there is always a light on either a daylight or moonlights. This diamond goby is fine with 3 watts on moonlights but if the light go completley out he goes nuts. He starts jumping, hitting the tops, filter surfing. Then my mom get a flashlight...
  4. 110innc


    Ok I have a 110 gallon reef tank with 2 tangs and a scooter blenny as the current stocklist. My question is can I get a longnose hawkfish or another kind that will not eat my medium sized cleaner shrimp. Any suggestions will be greatily appreicated.
  5. 110innc

    Mushroom size

    Whats the biggest shroom youve ever seen? I have one thats 5 inches across.
  6. 110innc

    List all types of animals YOUVE owned

    I want to see has had more types of animals. Heres all the ones Ive had. Dogs,cats,hamsters,rabbits,guiena pigs,monkeys,fish,chickens,tortorises,turtle,birds,lizards,ferrets,sugargliders, hedgehogs,and many aquarium inverts.
  7. 110innc


    Okay around three months now I lost 1 clown to my filter, another 1 I dont know what happened[no signs of ich or external damage],then a bicolor angel[to ich],and my pearl-scaled butterfly[to ich].Now I have a yellow & hippo tang and scooter blenny. The yellow tang was introduced 1st and about a...
  8. 110innc

    Question about Carbon

    I have a 110 with a megaflow sump#3 and my mom has a 29 Biocube. Her filters packs come with it mine dont. Her water quality has been more consistent than mine what Im wondering is the carbon the cause. If someone could list the pros & cons of carbon it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. 110innc

    Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Question

    I have one now and thought it would be cool to have a group of about six[I've heard they do better in groups] if I get five on six about the same size will they be fine?
  10. 110innc

    Brown Algae[diatoms?] on sand

    Should I use Nass. snails,Fighting conch,cerith snails,a combo,or other.Oh,will any of these harm a horseshoe crab or vice-versa.
  11. 110innc

    Stocklist for 110

    Heres what I was thinking: Yellow tang [in tank] hippo tang[in tank][no posts by "tang police" please there here to stay] scooter blenny[in tank] Now possibly the following: spotted hawkfish goby/shrimp pair [not sure what kinds] leaf scorpionfish a pair of purple firefish Would these be good or...
  12. 110innc

    Leaf Scorpionfish

    Could I keep a leaf scorpion with a skunk cleaner shrimp,peppermint shrimps,scooter blenny,and possibly a pistol shrimp,goby pair? Its a 110 with LS and LR.
  13. 110innc

    how many nass. snails?

    How many nass. snails would you need for a 110? Would a horseshoe crab eat them? thanks for any input.
  14. 110innc

    I think this is a LPS please help id

    Not sure what this is but it's growing and it was free