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  1. Tom the Bomb

    240 Gal Stocking help

    so what do u think of this stock for a 240G: 1 radiata lionfish 1 antennata lionfish 1 mombassa lionfish 1 Echidna Xanthospilos moray eel 1 coral catshark 1 Rhinopias frondosa 1 inimicus didactylus ------------------------------ brittle stars and 1 squamosa clam and 1 crocea clam and...
  2. Tom the Bomb

    Lionfish compatibility and feeding?

    I'm setting up a Red Sea Reefer Deluxe XXL 750 (200-gallons) and I'm planning to put a clearfin lionfish as the main fish. I was originally thinking of Niger triggerfish since they were the least aggressive of the triggerfish but after browsing through some forums, they often said that...