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  1. lar

    yellow toad stool / leather

    Would these do ok under VHO. Any special care I should be aware of? Does anybody know where I could find the Yellow Toad stool. web stores...
  2. lar

    Non sump/nonhang on the back skimmers

    Are there skimmers that can set below a tank that don't work off the sump. Otherwords like those stand-a-alone media filters that suck it in and spit it back up into the tank. I have a 120 gal tank with hand on the back skimmers, was thinking about a overflow but would prefer the above...
  3. lar

    Fish for a 8 gal

    Any thoughts on a fish that would do well in a 8 gal nano. First shot at a nano. I have maybe 3 or 4 lbs of live rock and 2in substrate from my other tank. It's been up a couple months, a couple large feather dusters and a 1/2 dozen hermits. I have been having a problem keeping the levels...
  4. lar

    Overflow siphon question

    I have my first tank that is not drilled and I'm thinking I would like to go back to a Sump. In a gravity feed overflow, flow rate is self correcting, Any size Pump can be used for the return if your using a standard 1" drain. Is this the case with a siphon? In my mind's eye I'm having a hard...
  5. lar

    Lipstick tank?

    I'm assuming a Lipstick tang would require more room then a 120 gal 5 foot long tank would provide?? any thoughts...
  6. lar

    Fish ID What's this fish?

    No pic but... My wife bought it a year ago. Looks like a wrasse body, It's a busy fish. 2" to 3" long maybe? Tang Yellow body. Pink stripe from the base of it's head to nearly it's tail along the Dorsal area. picks up sand bits in it's mouth. It will carry around a grain then spit it out.
  7. lar

    Overflow needed

    Does anybody have a overflow for sale. I bought my first non-drilled tank cause it looks more natural, greater room for rock however the two hang on skimmers make more noise then expected. Still trying to figure out how it would work without a gravity feed. does flow rate back into the tank...
  8. lar

    240gal 8 foot tank for sale

    It needs some buffing if you put reef lights on it. Fish only dim lights and you have to look for the scratches. $250.00 Ann Arbor MI
  9. lar

    Hamilton Delux dual 175 watt/Flor. lights for sale

    Gang, Live near Ann Arbor Mi. I have a Hamilton delux dual 175 watt Halide with dual 40 watt actinic Flor. system for sale. It has dual fans as well. One ballast drives all lights with a dual switch and plug so you can set separate timers to each. The system is a little over a year old...
  10. lar

    400 watt halide or not,

    I have a 24 by 24 cube reef, I have been thinking about placing a 400 watt halide over it and just running my VHO for dawn & dust, Is the heat situation a problem for a tank that small? it would be about 10 " off the water.
  11. lar

    captive bred/raised seahorses

    I making a 55 cube reef, Captive raised seahorse are hardier, was concidering putting them in the tank as my only fish, The main issue is disease and water current. Since these are quiet resistant to disease and maybe I could lighten the water current it might work out. Anybody have experience...
  12. lar

    looks different then Aiptasia but breeds as fast (what

    I had a couple of these guys about 6 months ago, now about 30 with a couple even on the glass. The stem is thicker then aiptasia and is green rather then near clear as Aiptasia is. The head has shorter tenticles and is brown like a leather may be. I actually thought it was a couple little...
  13. lar

    buying a LFS, what you like to see in the perfect LFS

    beyond free stuff, What services and product, Presentation etc.
  14. lar

    Bubbler in the reef

    My new project is a small reef to add some movement and interesting look I thought about adding a bubbler which would be just a hose with some holes poked into it. I would bury it under the rock, It may add a little more water movement and a interesting look. (24in cube tank) any bad effect on...
  15. lar

    Is this enough light for anything?

    Starting a new small reef 2 foot cube, if I use what I have laying around, It would be 4 75w VHO and 1 175watt metal halide. Good enough towards the top for SPS but at what depth do i place lps and obviously leathers/mushrooms towards the bottom. Would enough light punch down 2 feet?
  16. lar

    please advise regarding coral referance books

    I am trying to choose an all in one book that would center on all corals for a reef tank and the care required for each. is there such a book. Thanks
  17. lar

    Lighting strength question?

    I will be converting to PC lights on my new tank which is a 70gal 5footer. The plan is to go with 6 96watt lamps. With that config. could one keep the tougher hard corals? Would it be to much light for my leathers and Mushrooms and what would/should the bulb configuration be? e.g. actinic to...
  18. lar

    To skim or not to

    I use to skim 24 hours a day, about 6 months ago I had a motor crash and didn't notice for a week. levels looked good, ummmm! 6 months later the tank has never been better. I used the new pump for a power head instead and havn't skimmed since. am I lucky or is there something to not skimming a...
  19. lar

    Moving advise? sand ?

    I'm moving from 8 foot reef/fish tank to a corner reef tank, My question is... If I use water from the 8 foot tank along with the rock and substrate Will I be able to move my critters directly into the new tank, or should I cycle for 3 weeks. lastly, I love the look of Play sand in a reef tank...
  20. lar

    Tips on catching a mistake in your reef.

    I dropped a Neon dansel about 4 inches into my reef, He was free. Bad move he beats on to many fish. How to catch this guy in a 8 ft reef?