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  1. xxvietxjustinxx

    Any marine biologist on this forum?

    I have to do some type of career project for a certain class in school, and I was curious if I could ask someone a few questions (acutally more than a few, around 30~). They would be simple of course, but it's really important. The easiest way to do it would probably over e-mail, phone (I'm in...
  2. xxvietxjustinxx

    Polyp ID?

    Hey guys, well it's been a while since I've been here and my tank has been doing pretty well. Acutally, I just bought some polyps yesterday and it seems like I recieved somthing I didn't buy :cheer: . Hehe, so here it is. Anybody have an idea what it is? Here's the picture>
  3. xxvietxjustinxx

    cleaner shrimp has eggs?

    Hm, I bough two cleaner shrimps a months ago and for some reason, one dissappeared. Now a little later, I see these eggs the one that is left has. Is there anything I should be doing? Here are some pics (not super clear as my lens couldn't get any closer)
  4. xxvietxjustinxx

    ID on the tank walls

    Just went to Cancun for a week or so, it's pretty nice there, though there reefs aren't as colorful as i thought they would be. My aunt just did normal feedings everyday with flakes until I came back, and I had the lights set on timers. I THINK the timers got messed up and might have turned on...
  5. xxvietxjustinxx

    Somthing wrong with the tank...

    My tank was perfect and everything was doing fine. I checked the water in the morning and cal/alk was fine. So we went to the fish store, picked up some mushrooms / polyps as our first corals, and now the mushrooms aren't doing very well. The polyps seem to be doing great for some strange...
  6. xxvietxjustinxx

    DIY dosing system for under $5

    Heres just some old little uh.. jello holder thing I found in the fridge. Works great for kalk dosing
  7. xxvietxjustinxx

    Mushroom look okay?

    I'm curious if my mushrooms are okay or not. I just got them yesterday with 660 watts of vHO under my 180 gallon tank.
  8. xxvietxjustinxx

    Fish compatibility question.

    Is it okay to keep a dragon wrasse with a reef tank? Besides the fact that he'll mess up the DSB *which i dont have;; no flame plz*; will he nip at corals *softys* and such? Do you think not having a DSB will affect me big? I have over 300 pounds of estblisehd LR in an 180 gallon tank that has...
  9. xxvietxjustinxx

    I'm back (for those who knew me ) with pictures!

    Well this is a site I haven't been on for a while. My fish tank has been running pretty well since;; I'm guessing last year or so. My dad and I just did some major changes to the tank today; inclduing fixing the live rock formation and building a new canopy for our 180. We also took out our old...
  10. xxvietxjustinxx

    Additives for Sale : Seachem

    I'm in California. As most of you know I'm just a 13 year old =P. Dad doesn't wanna go reef because we don't have any more time =(. So.. I have 5 packs of this... 5 ML of Calicuim 5 ML of Stronitum 5 ML of Iodide Each bottle contains 1 ML so 1 x 5 packs = ^
  11. xxvietxjustinxx

    OT: cover sheet for autobiography using adobe photoshop

    hi all i want to make a unique cover sheet using adobe photoshop, printing out a 8x10 photo on glossy paper. I was wondering can someone with AIM help me make it?? I have about 4 pictures of me that I want to add into that 1 page as a collage of pictures in the middle or top middle saying My...
  12. xxvietxjustinxx

    Am I over the line (too much fish?!)suggestions welcomed

    180 Gallon tank. 72 x 24 x 24 I believe it is. So far blond naso tang yellow tang purple tang 1 blue damsel ( going to get rid of when I change my CC to a DSB) 1 lawn mower blennie 1 Pair of Maroon clows (2) 1 Dragon Wrasse ( going to get rid of when I change my CC to a DSB) I think thats about...
  13. xxvietxjustinxx

    Lighting for 180

    Well my dad concludes that he wants to get all eletrice ballast and no magnet ballast so he says get 3 250 watt lights and 2 6 foot vho actinics. Before I make a color mistake, anybody know what kind of kelvin for my 3 250 watt bulbs? All these lights are going to be run on Ice Cap ballast...
  14. xxvietxjustinxx

    OT-website on signature

    well if you clicked my signature website, you might see that the site takes over your/my salt water fish tank site, not making another pop up. Does anybody know how to fix this? The website has nothing to do with saltwater fish, so do any of you guys suggest to leave it on, or take it off?
  15. xxvietxjustinxx

    What kind of kelvin for a 180 gallon tank

    What do you guys think... I'm thinking about going with 3 250 MH with 2-4 6 foot VHO actinics... What should the kelvin should I have? Some people have advised 2 20ks on the side and 1 10k in the middle... Any other inputs? thx
  16. xxvietxjustinxx

    Lighting for 180...

    Well, I still haven't decided on what kind of lighting I am going to get yet...only beacuse my dad is busy with his side job and I really can't buy anything expensive without him. Its a 72' 24' 24'.. I want to have a wide variety of corals, and I DO NOT want to go cheap. I want to get a combo of...
  17. xxvietxjustinxx

    How often to you dose DT's in your tank weekly?

    Just wondering. I do mine 3 times a week.
  18. xxvietxjustinxx

    What additives do u use?

    I was just wondering what brand, what kind (iodine, calcium, etc) everybody uses. I have about 6 different kinds from Red Sea because I heard that they were very good. I just wanted to see what everybody esle uses. Post up!
  19. xxvietxjustinxx

    Live Sand Calculation

    I was wondering what was the formula to calculate how much live sand do I need for my tank which is 72 in. x 24in. x 24 in. and want a 4 in. DSB. What kind of live sand do I need? Can I use the ones that are just in a bag, or do I need to buy live sand from the LFS.
  20. xxvietxjustinxx

    Going Reef Baby!

    Ok... fish only tanks are gettin pretty boring now. So far, i have all those fish and i am thinkin about taking out my lemon peel. Do you think i have the right equiptment for a reef. So far, i have 300 watts of lighting in a 180 gallon tank and im going for 520 in a week or so. So far, I have...