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  1. ci11337

    stuff you got from

    will be placing an order relatively soon and I'm curious to see how others made out. (i've never ordered livestock before) feel free to post experiences but most of all i want pics! Be sure to mention what it was you ordered and post a pic of what you got.
  2. ci11337

    planning an order

    Now that it's finally warmed up i think it's about time i use my photo contest credit. i won $20 from the first contest and $60 from the 2008 one. Can you please explain to me how to use them and how much will come out of pocket? (order will be less than free shipping min) This is my first time...
  3. ci11337

    T5 bulb suggestions

    Just upgraded to A 4X54 48'' tek light for my 55. I can choose from any of the Giesemann T5 HO Lamps. i keep LPS corals, but would like to try a monti digi or a clam. (either will be placed high on the rockwork) I don't like the look of really blue tanks but i want some actinic to highlight my...
  4. ci11337

    parasite prevention

    more specifically the most common parasite, ICH.(although i'd bet it helps prevent all parasites) I lost my first set of fish way back when to an ICH plague. Afterwards i let my tank run fishless for 10 weeks and haven't had problems since. 10 weeks is the longest amount of time an ich parasite...
  5. ci11337

    fair Purple Death price?

    What is a fair per polyp price for nice aquacultured PD's?
  6. ci11337

    Free shipping

    I like the new shipping price system but i was thinking it would be nice to have some level for free shipping, even if it's like $200+. My reason is then people could do large group buys within local clubs. I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned and if it doesn't work for what ever reason...
  7. ci11337


    Just curious to see how many of "us" also enjoy fishing. My buddy thinks it's weird that i lick my lips while filleting a bass yet drop into depression if one of my aquarium fish dies. I guess it does sound a bit weird, but i'd bet there are alot of fishermen on here. Feel free to post a pic...
  8. ci11337

    The Hiatt system

    Some type of new filtration method for reef tanks. I just found it and I'm still reading but it seems it's based on these red canisters with bacteria in them along with very low salinity. They claim you don't need a skimmer and can keep way higher bioloads. I doubt anyone on here is using the...
  9. ci11337

    LPS = low flow

    I accidentally forgot to plug my pumps back in after a WC and the next day noticed all mycorals opened up HUGE. This made me think they were gettin too much flow so i rearranged things alittle and now they look so much happier. I still have the same amount of flow as before but now the corals...
  10. ci11337

    What is my first name?

    First person to post what my first name is on this thread wins. Hello, if you have found this, you are very clever. My first name is Anthony.
  11. ci11337

    Contest: posts per day

    go to your profile and see how many posts per day you have. Person with the most wins! I have 2
  12. ci11337

    USE the LPS forum

    you heard me. I know that more people use just the coral forum but the LPS forum isn't gonna go anywhere if you all post LPS stuff here.
  13. ci11337

    penguins VS redwings

    who wins the whole thing?
  14. ci11337

    awseome acans

    not to long ago i found a LFS near me thats sells some crazy LPS. As i'm currently broke, i haven't been there yet. When i start working in the summer i'm gonna invest in some nice acans. Since i haven't delt with acans before, i'm doing a price check. Are these fair prices?(WYSIWYG) #1- $120...
  15. ci11337

    Most you have paid for an LPS coral.

    Most Ive paid is $65 for my orange fungia. All my other corals were under $50.
  16. ci11337

    Skimmer War: CPR BAK-PAK vs. AquaC Remora

    This is not my thread, someone from my local reef club is doing this and i found it very interesting and thought it might be useful. I honestly don't know if I'm allowed to post this link and if i'm not please let me know and I'll delete it.
  17. ci11337

    invasive coral

    Some kinds of coral (shrooms,xenia, etc.) can overrun your tank and you'll end up having to tear down. If you buy an invasive coral frag it often to keep it under control. (great way to make some extra $$$) i know there are some people on here who have pics showing what these corals can do.
  18. ci11337

    Neo palys

    From the Matrix
  19. ci11337

    How to frag shrooms and branch LPS

    Had a little fun in paint. These are the 2 corals i've fraged. After fragging the shroom with scissors or a razor, simply put the shroom head on top of some rubble,disk, etc. and put it in a low flow area.I usually keep a pile of rubble in the corner that gets little flow so i just throw the...
  20. ci11337

    New indiana jones movie.

    I saw it last night and didn't like it. Way to many unexplained things. i'd give examples but don't wanna ruin it for everyone. What did everyone else think of it?