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  1. drewster

    Info on trumpetfish?

    Anybody have any info on trumpetfishes? I saw one at the LFS today and it was cool looking. Is it hard to keep? What does it feed on? Can it be kept it a reef tank? Any info would help. Thanks
  2. drewster

    am i asking for trouble?

    I had an impulse purchase today. I saw a long-nosed butterfly fish and it was on sale and so i bought it. The only questions I asked the LFS guy was compatibility issues with other fish. Never bothered asking him if it was compatible with a reef setup. I went home and did some research on it...
  3. drewster

    Rainbow Lifegard Scratch Removal Kit

    I have a 75g acrylic aquarium that has a decent amount of scratches on the front of it. I was given this removal kit to try and get rid of these annoying scratches. I followed the directions to a "T" and it didn't help at all. Anybody have this kit and has had success? Any tips for me...
  4. drewster

    Mandarin question

    Like usual, I was admiring my tank. I was watching my mandarin swim around and then all of a sudden he stopped and sprayed white stuff from two little holes in his head. What the heck did he do? It definately came from him and the white spray lasted about 3 seconds.
  5. drewster

    open brain problem

    I was moving some rock around and accidently hit my open brain. I barely touched it. All of a sudden it spewed out some gunk and shrank a little. Am I screwed? Did I just start the death clock on my open brain? I don't see any visible wounds. Is this a defense mechanism maybe? Does it do...
  6. drewster

    Live rock in sump?

    I've heard of people putting live rock in their sump to help prevent unwanted algae grow in your main tank. Does this work? How much rock should I put in my sump?
  7. drewster

    Best skimmer for a 75 gallon reef

    My Berlin skimmer doesn't seem to work anymore. Not really sure why. I've cleaned it many times and then it works for a day or two and stops working. Can somebody tell me what they would suggest for my 75 gallon reef tank. I have a sump too so I don't want a hangon.
  8. drewster

    Starter for lighting hood?

    I have a 48" hood with 2 NO bulbs. One of the bulbs doesn't seem to want to turn on completely. It just blinks and blinks and tries to fire. I think I have a bad starter. I think thats what they are called. It's the little cylinder that twists into the center of the hood. Where can I buy...
  9. drewster

    Feather Duster problem

    I just purchased 3 feather dusters the other day and today I noticed one has died. I know this because a gel-like blob has formed on the tip of his tube. I purchased a feather duster about 2 months ago and it died within a week also. Back then I had terrible water conditions so i wasn't...
  10. drewster

    best algae magnet?

    I think i'm gonna ask for a new algae magnet for christmas. Yeah, kinda sad but its something I need and i know they can get costly. Does anybody know which magnet will give me the most bang for my buck? I have a 75 gallon acrylic and a 55 gallon glass tank that I would need it for. If it...
  11. drewster

    removing scratches on an acrylic tank

    Ok, just wanted to know what you guys recommened to get rid of scratches on an acrylic tank. It has a decent amount of scratches on the front. Some are minor and some are a little deeper than others. I was given some sandpaper kit that has like 7 different grades of sandpaper but it seemed...
  12. drewster

    DIY Hood

    I recently built my own stand for my new 55 gallon fish only tank. It looks pretty good I might say and I spent less than $50 on it. Now I need to build a hood for it and i don't even know where to start. I currently have 2 48" plastic lighting fixtures, each with 2 bulbs in it. I want to...
  13. drewster

    substrate in fish only tank?

    I'm in the process of setting up my old 55 gallon tank and i'm going to make it into a fish only tank. Here is my question, is it necessary to put substrate into the tank for a fish only tank? Does it help the fish in some way besides oxygenination? I already have a decent amount of substrate...
  14. drewster

    backup power supply

    Any of you guys have backup power supply units on your saltwater tank in case the power does go out awhile. What kind do you guys have and how much did it cost? ALso, where did you purchase it?
  15. drewster

    razor blade on an acrylic tank?

    Can i take a razor blade and scrape off coraline algae off the sides of my acrylic tank or will it scratch it very easily?
  16. drewster

    55 gallon setup

    I want to take my 55 gallon tank that I am not using right now and turn it into a tank that will carry fish that I can't hold in my 75 gallon reef. Meaning, fish such as triggers, puffers, eels, and lionfish. It will be a fish only tank and won't have much rock in it. Maybe 15-20 lbs at most...
  17. drewster

    coral problems...please help!!

    Everything in my tank is dying and melting away. I only have some xenia and galaxia and a few mushrooms. The other day they just started dying it seemed and now they are melting away it sems. The only water parameter that is out of wack is my PH. It's high. Can this cause that much of a problem...
  18. drewster

    keeping substrate white and clean

    How do you guys keep your substrate nice and clean? Mine tends to turn green and yellow too easily. I use RO/DI water. My water parameters are good. I dont have a large amount of clean-up critters. Is that my problem? I basically stir up my sand/crushed coral every other day to turn it...
  19. drewster

    ORP probe?

    Would somebody please explain to me what an ORP probe/monitor does? What does it even stand for?
  20. drewster

    Clown Trigger question

    I've been eyeing a clown trigger for awhile now and i want to know from you guys if I should get one or not. I currently have a 75 gallon reef tank. The only corals i have are pulsating xenia and green button polyps. I have a hermit crabs, snails, and one CC starfish. I have 1 percula...