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  1. paintballer768

    Trace Elements

    Ive never dosed either but weekly/biweekly/monthly water changes should keep them within acceptable boundaries (obviously after a month they might get more out of whack)
  2. paintballer768

    Bleaching corals? Why?

    SPS are very very very tempermental. I cannot stress how important and random the flow should be, and the water should be ideally perfect. The light is not the problem IMO. Whats the water levels, and what kinda skimmer are you running?
  3. paintballer768

    My jellyfish tank diary.

    I havent been on here in a while, but Im pleasantly surprised CK. Great job on the housing and such. Keep it up
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    In this instant I am happy

    Im happy because work load is minimal right now and Im alone enjoying myself playing games. I took my tank down last weekend, but its a big stress relief to have that gone actually
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    Is my coral dying or dead? (pic)

    white = bleaching = death. Most of em look dead but the xenia is hard to kill.
  6. paintballer768

    What should I be?

    Im studying to be an accountant of some type right now. I would do something corporate, however my aunt is one for Office Depot and just got laid off, making a 6 figure salary. Personal accounting it is! Plus the money is good, and theres always a demand
  7. paintballer768

    Can i keep a moorish idol and angels in a 20gal?

    Looks like those butterflies are in some sort of sectional towards the end. I dont know what the purpose of that video was, he nearly shot that french angel out of the tank with that pump haha
  8. paintballer768

    Caution: You may become blind after seeing this.....

    Originally Posted by goinbroke probally half that stuff is taken right off the reef! amazing none the less! must be a billion$ worth of coral there! The guy who owns that setup has a huge thread about it on --. All aquacultured :)
  9. paintballer768

    my coral beauty ate $100s worth coral

    Mine went AWOL too but not as insane hahaha. Im sorry to hear about your losses. I would recommend you do what I did, any fish that have a possible history of nipping/non reef-safe behavior, dont do it. Im telling you now, the flame angel will probably do the exact same thing. If you are...
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    Who thinks this is way too many fish?

    Tagging along for the ride. /gets popcorn
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    Seahorse Pics

    Torch corals may sting other corals if within close proximity of them, but nothing to really worry about. They can sting hosting clownfish occassionally, which is why I wouldnt put horses with them. I must say too, beautiful horses!!!
  12. paintballer768

    hmmm..are these PE?

    Mine looked like this after a few weeks.
  13. paintballer768

    Anyone ever use those PSP download sites?

    Originally Posted by bionicarm Thanks. I've been reading and it appears her PSP is the new model that can't be modded (PSP Slim 3000). Guess I have to give the 15 year old hackers a couple months to figure that out... On another note -- What kind of paint gun do you have? I went and played...
  14. paintballer768

    Anyone ever use those PSP download sites?

    My psp is modded. Just rent the games from a store or a friend and you should be able to download the file to your computer, and put them on your memory stick. These sites probably are loaded with nasties, and if you are paying for illegal downloads, that wont look too good.
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    Paly ID Please

    Def not grandis. Looks like just a common paly to me, brown/green
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    Adopted Fish Compatibilty??

    Buddy of mine has a 210 gallon, I think it is, and has 2 pairs for percula clowns in the tank, one mating regularly and the other just hosting the same coral. Even in that large a tank with only 2 pairs, they still scuffle occassionally. I would definitely not put more than 1 pair in a 90...
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    Startin up a 24gal AqPod Reef

    Hey all, thanks for bumping the old thread. Heres a new one I made with details over the last fewe months: Still on edge whether Im just going to take it down or relocate it. Whatever the choice, itll probably happen this weekend.
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    if you could pick...

    Duncans for the win
  19. paintballer768

    crocodile fish?

    If that picture on the link is the correct fish, something tells me he gets humungous.
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    Starting Over - Round 2

    Originally Posted by Freeborder_01 since you had cyano and other algae and water quality issues, i suggest you cut back the amount you feed. not sure if you know this but it helps if you soak and drain the mysis prior to feeding, as the cubes they are in are full of excess nutrients that cause...