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  1. kdsealyon

    My 20 gallon update

    Thanks to everybody's advice I now have a beautiful 20 gallon cycled tank with several waterbabies. My crab is molting every two weeks! Please see photos attached. Thanks everyone!
  2. kdsealyon

    Bumble Bee goby not eating

    I moved my BB Goby into a ten gallon cycled brackish tank with opeas yesterday. She is not eating. All she eats are frozen bloodworms and she is not interested. I tried to garlic her worms and she did not like that either. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm really worried aobut her. Help...
  3. kdsealyon

    Bumblee Goby from Brackish to full Saltwater?

    Can I acclimate my bumblebee goby to full saltwater? Brackish water is 1.018. Thanks
  4. kdsealyon

    Phosphate in cycling tank

    Does phosphate go up in a cycling tank and then go down? Does it cause white algae? I wipe it off the glass, and it is back the next day. The phosphate is at a 1 using API - That's all they had at ***** and I paid over $40 for the kit.
  5. kdsealyon

    Advise Please - Protein Skimmer

    Greetings, I bought a Lee's protein skimmer. It's driving me crazy. I have to fiddle with it constantly to get it to work right. I was being cheap when I bought it. I need a good one that will leave a small foot print. Please, what do you advise? This time I won't skimp. Thanks.
  6. kdsealyon

    Bumble Bee Goby

    Please what is the truth about Bumble Bee Gobies? I've read so many conflicting views. Are they freshwater, brackish, or saltwater? If brackish or saltwater, what salinity should their water be at? Thank you
  7. kdsealyon

    Sump: Will this work for a 20 gallon aquarium?

    Hi All, Will this sump work for a 20 gallon aquarium? Thank you.
  8. kdsealyon

    I was banned and Everything gone. :'(

    Hi, I was banned somehow for Spam lol. Now everything is gone. Pegasus, in response to your question, I have a Percnon Gibbesi. Seems most people do not like them, but I adore her and plan on creating her a world with her in mind. I feed my crab something meaty once a day, and then she...