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  1. jay0705

    Maroon clowns

    I really thinking about getting a lighting maroon for my tank. I have a normal maroon in my 75 and its a model citizen. Iam concerned tho a lightning could get to aggressive in my community mixed tank. Thoughts?
  2. jay0705

    Mystical scooter blenny.

    I broach this subject lightly. Draggonets in general are difficult fish to keep. The name is miss leading. Scooter "blenny" is actually a draggonet, along with mandarins. That said, I've owned a fair amount over the years. One common thing imo is the drab common scooters readily accept...
  3. jay0705


    Who has experience with these? Iam considering getting some. I've stayed away for awhile because I've heard they can be tough to keep. Thoughts?
  4. jay0705

    Blue jaw trigger

    This is a fish I've considered for awhile. A lfs has had a female for sometime now. My only concern, will it eat my clown goby? The fella is a good 1.5-2" but to most triggers bite sized lol. Thoughts?
  5. jay0705

    Whos still kicking on here??

    So who do we still have on here?
  6. jay0705


    Totally not fish related lol however are any of you folks familiar with raising chickens?
  7. jay0705

    Flame angels

    I've been looking at these alot lately. Are they the hell raisers people say they are?
  8. jay0705

    Mixing sw

    Ok folks iam having issues . When ever i mix fresh sw my test shows ammonia threw the roof!!!! Why??
  9. jay0705

    Ro filter

    Ok folks i got a r o filter system for xmas. A question as I've never used one myself. What is the pressure supp to be? Lol
  10. jay0705

    New fish.

    Well as things slow down its time to fish shop lol. Any ideas folks?? I've been really looking at lions lately. Dwarfs being the most feasible, however the larger ones are nice aswell. I do have to worry about tank mates tho. Butterflies are another one I've been looking at. So many options...
  11. jay0705

    New fish alert.

    Well its been quite lately with new additions. Until yest lol. I got a pair of diamond gobys, a yellow coris wrasse, ruby red scooter , and some striped trocounus snails.
  12. jay0705

    Captive bred flames

    As the title states, captive bred flame angels!!! When did this happen?
  13. jay0705

    Cloudy/ milky mixed sw

    Ok folks, I've been having an issue with mixing my sw. After a few hrs of mixing either in the garbage can or bucket my water gets milky with a film on top. Thoughts?? Its red sea salt
  14. jay0705

    Queen angel

    Just fell in love with a friendly juvi queen. Tell me no people lol
  15. jay0705

    Wth *****

    This is just a rant but omg ***** absolutely sucks!!!!! This after LA bought them still. I strongly recommend people stay away from there fish regularly. I still go there now and then for other dry goods. Today a beautiful flame angel caught my eye. Really really nice looking flame, had ich...
  16. jay0705

    New fish/ invert

    I was told i need to start a thread for this lol. Picked up a solar fairy wrasse and a brittle star today.
  17. jay0705

    Bangai cardinal

    What is everyones experience with these guys? My biggest question is best single or in groups?
  18. jay0705


    I recently acquired a few zoa frags. I was giving a forum member a freezer and in payment i got frags. Lol sooo what can you tell me about zoas? What i have read is there a good beginner coral. Med to high light med flow. A few places said there one of the most forgiving corals.
  19. jay0705

    Almost!!!! A nem.

    I almost pulled the trigger on a pink tip nem. I did not after what we all should do prior to purchase research!!!. The fact there not clown friendly and such. Really nice looking tho
  20. jay0705

    Pygmy wasp fish

    Anyone ever keep these? I've gone back and forth with one.