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  1. eddi

    coral catshark

    a cat shark, like most sharks, will eat pieces of shrimps, squid, octopus. If you prefer, you can also use ghost shrimps. As far as how to get your shark to eat, one thing you can try is put the pieces of food at the end of a stick or a piece of tubing and wave it in front ot him/her. I have...
  2. eddi

    Horn Shark

    I am not familiar with the horn shark specifically, but all sharks are kinda hard to get to start eating. I would not worry after only 2 days, but here is a few things he/she can try: feed them live ghost shrimp take a small piece of krill (or whatever), insert it in a small tube and wave in...
  3. eddi

    moving eel and trigger

    trgirl, I can't help you with triggers as I don't particularly like them and therefore have never owned one, but I can tell you my experience with the snowflake. I have owned one for about 18 months. I bought it when it was about 5-6" (it is now about 14") and have moved it three times without...
  4. eddi

    anyone have a horned shark?

    trgirl, I have set up a 360 gallon tank to house sharks and rays and after all my research I decided that I could not keep a horn shark. I apologize if this is old news to you, but just in case: a horn shark can get slightly over 4' in length. That would mean that, ideally, you need a tank...
  5. eddi

    where to get sharks and rays

    Hello everyone, I have a 360 gallon tank that I have set up to house sharks and rays and I was wondering where others get theirs from. I know there are a bunch of MOs that have them, but I don't know which ones are reputable and which ones aren't. I am specifically looking for a pair...