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  1. lxxnp1234

    kill green hair algae

    Hi guys, I am upgrading my tank from 12g biocube to 29g biocube. I want to move around 20lbs existing live rocks to the new tank. But these live rocks have green hair algae. I don't want to introduce it to the new system. Is there any way I can make sure all green hair algae is removed? I heard...
  2. lxxnp1234

    want to know which return pump could replce the return pump of aquapod 24 gollon tank

    my return pump of aquapod 24 gollon tank is broken. I want to know which return pump could replce it. This tank is similar to 24 gollon nano cube. Thanks for help.
  3. lxxnp1234

    Flatworm exits experince

    My tank is 30 gallon with 10 gallon refugium. I got some flatworms from somewhere around two weeks ago. It was not very bad when I found them, around 10 to 20 I can saw. I decided to kill all of them before getting worse. Then I bought a bottle of FLATWORM EXIT last friday. First dose: On...
  4. lxxnp1234

    green bubble algae problems.

    My tank has some bubble algae problem now. It started with one or two bubbles at the beginning and I didn't pay attation to it.Now it becomes around 20~30 bubbles in my 30 gallon display tank (don't know about in the refugium). How to get rid of the bubble algae?I heard emerald crab helps, but...
  5. lxxnp1234

    need find a Amphipods eater fish.

    I don't want to see the amphipods in my tank. Is there any suggestion about amphipods eater fish? My tank is 28 nano cube. Now, there are clown fish, firefish, and scooter blenny. My blenny does not do his job. Could I get a 6 line? Will it fight with other fish in my tank?
  6. lxxnp1234

    !!!!my micro brittle starfish reproduce?

    I did the water change about 2 hours ago. Then all the micro brittle starfish (at least 20) came out and acted like below in the pic. I see a lot of eggs or tiny starfish come out!!!!!! Are they reproducing? Will it mess the water? It's so funy. I am sorry I forgot to video it guys.
  7. lxxnp1234

    ID please

    Hi guys, I found this little thing in my tank just now. It's flat and moving slowly. Is it a zoa eater? BTW, I lost my zoa frags one by one. When it died, all of them are shrunk. Some heads were still open, but when I touch them, they were not closed. LFS people told me there may be some bugs...
  8. lxxnp1234

    Bad red algae?

    There is some red algae growing in my tank. It's only growing on the rocks. The color is red but darker than the coraline in my tank. The shape of it looks like the red monti cap coral, one piece and thin, and some part of it grows out of the rock. I think it's not the slime algae. Anyone know...
  9. lxxnp1234

    pyramidellid snails

    I found some pyramidellid snails hanging on my astraea snail. I don't have any clam in my tank. But will they kill my snails or coral? I have a lot kind of zoas and LPS in my tank.
  10. lxxnp1234

    where can I buy the NOVA EXTREME PRO T5HO light mounts?

    It's a 20'' NOVA EXTREME PRO T5HO light. I broke one of the mounts. Anyone know where I can buy one? Thanks. It's hurry.
  11. lxxnp1234

    bristle worms can swim??!!

    Hi all, I found a small guy swimming in my tank after my lights off. I used the net to get it out. The size of it is like a copepod, but it's red.... After I took it into a small container, I think it's a little bristle worm!!! Is it possible bristle worms can swim??!!
  12. lxxnp1234

    ID the type of these overflow boxes.

    Hi there, I bought 2 overflow boxes online. The seller doesn't know the the type of these overflow boxes. Any one could help me ID them and tell me how many gallon per hour they will be? Thanks in advance. The first one has 1'' hole. The one below has 1-1/8'' hole.
  13. lxxnp1234

    Shrimps question.

    I have a 24g tank with one cleaner shrimp. I want to buy one or two othe kind of shrimp like blood shrimp, Peppermint Shrimp, banded coral shrimp. Can I keep two different kind of shrimps in the same tank?   I have some coral, snails, hermit crabs and a clown fish in the tank.   Thanks for your...
  14. lxxnp1234

    Carbon question.

    Is there anyone using carbon in the reef tank? What kind of brand of carbon do you use?   My tank is a 24 gallon tank.   Thanks for any suggestion.
  15. lxxnp1234

    lighting question.

    I have a 24g aquapod. The light system includes one 32w 10,000k light and one 32w Actinic light. The corals I have are zoas and moshrooms. Do I need to update my light system to T5 or MH? If I need to, which is better for my tank? wave point 4 lamp T5 light system (4*24w T5) or sunpod 150w MH...
  16. lxxnp1234

    Aquapod 24g.

    I got a used 24g aquapod. I notice that it has 32w actinic light and 32w daylight light. My old tank is 14g biocube with 24w actinic light and 24w daylight light. I want to transfer all the fish and coral from the old 14g biocube to the 24g aquapod. I have zoas, polyps, mushrooms, plate coral...
  17. lxxnp1234

    Biocube 14g lights update question.

    I decide to update my biocube 14g lighting system because of the temperature issue. Someone told me to remove the hood and put a T5 light system or LED light system instead. Is there any good model of T5 or LED for biocube 14g? BTW, LED makes zoa growing small, is that true? I really care about...
  18. lxxnp1234

    Little worms on the zoas.

    I find some little worms on my zoas. It's very tiny, about half inch and brown or black in color. I think they are worms, not the little bugs runing in my tank at night. My camera cannot take them, because they are too small. Any idea what are they? Are they harmful?
  19. lxxnp1234

    Temperature issue for Biocube 14g.

    I replaced both of my lights 2 weeks ago. After that, I pay more attention to the lights and the temperature. I notice the water temperature is around 79F at night and 82F during the day when the lights are on. I think it's a little bit higher. Is that a really issue for the coral and fish? Is...
  20. lxxnp1234

    fish question.

    I bought a purple firefish. When I came home, I found it's left fin is broken a little. I don't know it will recover itself or it will be a damage for ever. Thanks.