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  1. cranium

    RBTA price $500?

    how much do RBTA usually go for? i live in central cali and only 1 LFs has ever had them but the guy will only sell them for $500. they are about 8" across and he has a tank full of them but $500 seems steep! does that price sound right??????????????????
  2. cranium

    installing sump for 55g

    i want to install a sump so i can put my euroreef cs6-3 in it. what over flow should i use. the tank is an AGA so the overflow will just hang off the back. what size and brand overflow should i use for a 55 that is approx. 50in high from the floor. i was thinking of the cpr overflow but i...
  3. cranium

    My Hammer sucks

    why are its tentacles so short? they are no longer than like an inch. i thought they were going to get loger as it grew bigger but they have not. it is not aggresive at all. my xenia grew right next to it and its polyps were actully touching and pulsing on it. i had to remove some of the...
  4. cranium

    dosing turbo calcium

    I'm trying to raise my calcium level with Ken't Turbo Calcium but i am not sure on how to dose it in to my tank. Do i drip it like with kalk?:confused:
  5. cranium

    Calcium level

    I'm having a problem raising my calcium level. I have been constantly dripping kalk into my 30g but i can't raise it up any higher than the 250ppm range. I have been dripping kalk non stop but can't get it any higher than 250. I mix two teaspoons of kent kalk mix with 1g of water and let it...
  6. cranium

    Dalmation puffer

    I was recently in san diego for the charger game and i stopped by a cool fish store that had four of these dalmation puffers. it was probably the coolest fish i have ever seen. Does anyone know anythng about them or have one cause i am interested in buying one.
  7. cranium

    Which color PC?

    Right now i have 2-55 watt PCs over my 29g tall. One is a Smartlap while the other is an Ultra-Actinic. I want to change the smartlamp to an all white bulb but i don't know which one to get. Should i get a 10000k, 67000k, or 88000k? Which one does everyone think I should get?
  8. cranium

    Real World Puffer?

    On the MTV show Real World they have a really cool puffer. I was wondering if anybody knows what kind of puffer it is? It loof just like a dogface but it is dark blue with white dots. Has anyone seen it on that show?
  9. cranium


    I was womdering how everybody acclimates their fish. How long? How often do you dip? etc.
  10. cranium

    Pulsing xenia

    I bought some pulsing xenia yesterday and it is opened up just about all the way put it isn't pulsing. I use reef solution and lugol's solution so Their is iodine in the water so why isn't it pulsing? My water parameters are all fine. Does it just take some time before it starts pulsing again...
  11. cranium

    favorite puffer?

    What's everyones favorite type of puffer?
  12. cranium

    Best hang-on protein skimmer?

    Which hang-on protein skimmer does everyone think is the best? I want to know what skimmer everyone thinks is the best off all cpr, remora, seaclone, prizm, etc., etc., etc.,!!!!! <img src="graemlins//confused.gif" border="0" alt="[confused]" /> <img src="graemlins//confused.gif" border="0"...
  13. cranium

    Galaxy Coral

    my galaxy coral releases long tenticles from its base and it stings my other corals. is it know to do this? if so ,is there a way to shorten tenticles? or do i have to return the galaxy coral to the store?
  14. cranium

    Shroom Q

    Are bubble shrooms thae same a pimple mushrooms
  15. cranium

    Shroom Question

    Are bubble mushrooms and pimple mushrooms the same thing?
  16. cranium

    Sharks and a trigger in a 100g

    I'm going to be setting up a 100g tank. i want to get two sharks and a clown trigger. Will this be ok?
  17. cranium

    Web Shooting Creature

    On a piece of my live rock their is something shooting out webs and then pulling its back in. It does this over and over. It is like a little mouth thing.I know it isn't a coral Sh*ting. it is some sort of creature. Does anyone know what this is?
  18. cranium

    Coraline Algae

    What is it? WHy do you want it and why is it such a great accomplishment when it is grown in your tank? What does it look like?
  19. cranium

    Hippo tang

    Will a hippo tang get along with a strawberry gramma?
  20. cranium

    Which Skimmer???

    What is the best skimmer that just hangs off the back to get? My friend has a seaclone but it seams like it isn't working anymore. Which skimmer would be good?