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  1. newsalt16

    Parting out 54g reef in Ohio!

    I tried to sell this as a whole setup but nobody seems to want it. So im parting it out. Pick up only!!!!! I live in Canton. Heres whats for sale: 54g corner tank and stand - $200 36" pc lights 120watts (new bulbs in Jan.) - $50 24" pc lights 120watts (new bulbs in Jan.) - $50 approx. 55...
  2. newsalt16

    3 tanks for sale in Canton, Ohio!!

    Hey everybody! This just kills me to do, but im gonna be moving in a couple months so im looking to get rid of all my saltwater stuff. I'm NOT shipping stuff so please pick up only. Here is what i have: 75g tank with stand, strip light, and brand new (still in the box) glass tops and 60lbs of...
  3. newsalt16

    My GSM is finally hosting!!

    Here are some pics of my GSM hosting his BTA. I just did a big order from this site and with in the first day he was hosting this guy! Hope you all enjoy the pics!!!
  4. newsalt16

    Are these SPS corals?

    Merry Christmas to all!!! Hey I finally got some money to add some corals to my tank. I have a 54g corner with 260watts of pc lights. I was once told by a bunch of people on here that i could keep sps corals which i forget what that stands for. I have a bunch of mushrooms and zoas and some...
  5. newsalt16

    UV sterilizers?

    I was wondering what you all thought about these? I have heard they are good and bad. I am going to plumb my 75g and so i need to know if i want to do it before i cement all my stuff. If you all think they are good, how many watts do i need for a 75g? thanks for the help.
  6. newsalt16

    Overflow box bubble!

    I have a 54g tank and i made an over flow box and sump for it. As the water in the tank crests the edge of the overflow box i get little air bubbles and they float up to the top of the box and eventually (like with in a day or two) i loose my syphon. Does any one have this problem or know a...
  7. newsalt16

    Water changes during cycle?

    I was wondering if you are supposed to do water changes during a cycle or wait until its over and then do like 20%? I thought you were supposed to wait until the end and then do one but i was talking with someone the other day and they said every couple weeks during the cycle. I was just...
  8. newsalt16

    Adding new clown with old one?

    I have had a percula clown for over a year now. He was in a 75g and then like 5 or 6 months ago he got ich real bad and i QT him. Well he has been in my QT since and doing very well. My question is i would like to reintroduce him into the 75g and would like to get another percula also. If i...
  9. newsalt16

    dead frogspawn?

    I lost my frogspawn last nite nite. It is a three headed piece and i was wondering if i can leave it in my tank since it is a decent piece of rock with good growth? Or would this be bad to do?
  10. newsalt16

    Helping a friend!

    Hey guys! I got my friend hooked on saltwater fish and he would like to start a tank. He already has a 30g hex and i recomended he go bigger. Well he doesn't have the money right now so he just wants to go with what he has. I was just wanting some input on what fish would be ok in a 30g...
  11. newsalt16

    How to start a fuge?

    I have a 54g reef with a canister filter, protein skimmer, and a powerhead. I have a 10g im not using right now and was wondering if it would be possible for me to start a fuge with it? My tank is not predrilled and has no overflow or any kind. I dont understand how to make a fuge work or...
  12. newsalt16

    How strong are my lights?

    I have 260w worth of lights over my 54g reef. Thats almost 5w per gallon so is that considered stong or medium lighting. i just want to know so i can be sure that what i put in their has suffienct light! thank you for any help!
  13. newsalt16

    Clown tang!

    I dont want to raise tang controvercy i just have a question about them. I don't think i have ever read a thread on here about them and my lfs has a small one. Will these tangs will not work in a 75g (the only other thing i have is a dwarf lion)or are they like all others and need a bigger...
  14. newsalt16

    Why not acclimate anemones/corals?

    I was wondering why you don't acclimate anemones or corals? I acclimated my anemone and my zoa's and both are doing great. Of course i didn't know you weren't supposed too or i woul dhave. I was just wondering why you aren't supposed too? Thanks
  15. newsalt16

    My new arch eye!

    I got a new arch eye hawkfish about a week ago and i got some great pics but i cant figure out how to upload them. I know you go to manage attachments but what do u do if your pics are too big. I cant figure out how to resize them. If someone could help that would be great. Thanks!!
  16. newsalt16

    Powerhead spitting bubbles out!

    I got a powerhead for my 54g about a week ago. I bought this stupid power sweep one with a rotating head b/c i thought i would be better for my water circulation but the rotating head is just another thing that can go wrong with it. Anways i didnt post to complain about my powerhead but it is...
  17. newsalt16

    zoos and emarld crabs?

    i got a colony of green zoos today and i put him hin my tank and hes doing great. I have three emarld crabs and one big one seems to be picking of some off the polyps. Have u all had this experience? Are emarld crabs not reef safe? thanks
  18. newsalt16

    Oxygen supply in water?

    I have an off the wall question. What is it that keeps a saltwater aquarium oxygenated. I know that in saltwater we dont use bubbles like in fresh so what keeps the fish alive. I just was thinking about this yesterday. Thanks
  19. newsalt16

    Protein skimmer ?

    i found a JEBO protein skimmer are these good? It is supposed to do up to 150g but i only have a 54g is that too big? And the deal comes with a 650gph PH. Is that enough circulation for my tank? lots of questions i know. Thanks for the help
  20. newsalt16

    Neon Cleaner Goby!

    I was thinking about getting one of these little guys but i was wondering i needed to quarintine him or if he is not prone to ich? Thanks