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  1. percman

    Sharky your expertise is needed.....all u other shark guru's check this too please is this set up ok? thanks percman
  2. percman

    Shark inhabs

    i got a buddy w/ a 200gal. tank that is open and he's thinking about adding a shark but he'd like to know what all he could put in there w/ them. more specificly a bamboo shark. thanks percman
  3. percman

    xenia info please.

    im going to buy some xenia i think pretty soon i'd like to know some info about them how much should i feed? what should i feed? what shouldnt i feed? what inverts etc are known predators to these? i noticed the kind i like is called pulsating xenia do the polyps actually...
  4. percman

    Shark Question? Eggs

    sharky i believe is the one who hatched his own bamboo shark......i was thinking about getting a 55gal tank and hatching a bamboo shark(about 3years from now maybe sooner just depends on the $$) after the bamboo out grew the 55 i'd buy a 125 or better (hoping i can keep the shark for 1.5-2 years...
  5. percman

    wtb: 20L-40 tank

    im looking into starting a tank for a lionfish exclusively and have low $$ and dont wanna pay the damn lfs so im looking for a tank thats at a resonable price please post here or send me and email thanks also post any other equipment you have for sale thanks jon
  6. percman


    i am doing a report on the occelaris clowns.......i would really like all of you to get me as much info as possible.......if you get info from books please leave the book name/author and page number........i know its a pain in the @$$ but we have to document all of our sources.........its for my...
  7. percman

    new board!!!

    come see me on our new board..... im a moderator over here and would really like if we could get this forum going thanks for your support jon
  8. percman

    new board!

    come visit me im a moderator here........ its a really cool up and coming board.... its got a section for reptiles and stuff....... come check it out and let your questoins fly jon
  9. percman

    Dawins Percula Clownfish

    does any one know where and how much i can get a hold of a pair of these for? they are the same species as A. percula but they are a black color instead of orange. i would like to see any pics/links/info ya got on them. thanks jon
  10. percman

    My stock list

    what does everyone think of the following: Fish:a. percula(2) 6 line wrasse(1) maybe a goby(1) Live rock/sand:Fiji Rock,1/2 & 1/2 sand(dead,alive) 4in bed Corals:Blue mushrooms Green Striped Shroom Red Open Brain (?) Goldcrownd toadstool Green Star Polyps hawaiin feather duster hammer formia...
  11. percman

    Poll:Stocking my 29 gal. tank

    this is a poll on what everyone thinks i should put in my 29 gal tank......i am planning on having almost 6.0 - 6.4 watts per gallon if possible. so no matter what it is vote what you really love and you think i would from shrooms and polyps to clams and anem's........though i dont know if i...
  12. percman

    29 gal. tank

    i am thinking about getting a 29 and i realize stuff happens much fasster and it gets full much faster but i think if i go bigger i will have to skimp on everything and i dont wanna do that........can you give me some advice .........thanks jon
  13. percman

    will any other clowns live w/ true percs?

    in particular:tomatos,false (or occalaris), cinamons, and skunks. and if anyone has pics or info on the fire clown please post it and if it would live with trues also.....thanks jon
  14. percman

    The Contraversial Anemone

    Ok people im sick of people being flamed for raising anem's. listen here i know someone whos kept there green carpet and rose anem for almost 3 years and people give him crap all the time about raising them you really believe that our oceans are so clean that they shouldnt...
  15. percman


    What info do you have on torch's......if ya got links id be glad to take a look.....also what is the average age of a torch. whats the difficulty level of raising them/reproducin them........ and do you know of anything that will pick at them?????? thanks jon
  16. percman

    who knows about feather dusters?

    tell me all ya interested in the hawaiin ones especially..........tell me anything you can think of......especially if ya know of any snail,crabs, etc.....that is gonna feast on it, and whats the difficulty level of raising/reproducin these......also how long do these usually live...
  17. percman

    Is it just me or has this board been down?????????

    In the last week i havent been able to get on here it said there was an error and id never be able to get on here but now that i am i am glad to be back.
  18. percman


    tell me about shrooms.....what light they like to be in etc......sepecially green striped...........if ya got links put em on here i d love to see them....thanks Jon
  19. percman

    Dragon Wrasse

    i was looking for a wrasse and i kinda like the dragon wrasse would a dragon be a destructive creature in a coral/percula clown tank.........
  20. percman

    SALT ONE i got a question for ya!?

    im just about your age im 17.....i was wondering how can u afford this????? the more i look at what i want the more i see the price raise....i was wondering if ya got any money making tips for me...heheeh