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  1. bluetangclan

    porcupine puffer not eating

    My puffer looks very healthy, but within the past few weeks he's slowly eating less and less. Today he wont eat at all. He's also a lot less active. I purchased him from craigslist about 2 years ago so I have no idea how old he is (he was already about 9 inches at time of purchase). Could it...
  2. bluetangclan

    Need Affordable LED Light Recommendations

    I have the EVO Quad 48" LED light for about 3 years now. In that time span, both transformers needed to be replaced and 21 out of the 64 led's have died. I really like it because its affordable and pretty bright but obviously not reliable. Can someone provide some led light recommendations?
  3. bluetangclan

    white mark on puffer

    I woke up today and saw this white mark on my porcupine puffer's face. What is it?
  4. bluetangclan

    need recommendation for UV sterilizer

    I have an in-wall 120 gallon tank measured 30" high by 18" deep running with a sump and protein skimmer. It's FOWLR. I need recommendations on a good in-tank uv sterilizer that wont take up much room since my overflow is already taking up a lot of space.
  5. bluetangclan

    sailfin tang twitching

    My tank was cycled for about 2 months. I then bought a sailfin tang and a vlamingi tang from one owner who had them for 4 years. Both are healthy (or at least thats what the owner siad). I didnt quarantine them because they are my first fishes in the tank. Its been a week and now I see the...
  6. bluetangclan

    best place for powerheads?

    I think I may have a detritus problem and would like to move the powerheads so it can blow them into the overflow. My tank is 110 gallons (48w x 30h x 18d). The powerheads are currently sitting at the very top about 2 inches below the surface on both sides pointing directly across to the...
  7. bluetangclan

    what is this and how do i get rid of them?

    This started growing about a couple of weeks ago and now its everywhere. They are brown and fuzzy-like. Its all over the glass, overflow, and rocks. The pic below is the acrylic overflow.
  8. bluetangclan

    butterfly with trigger?

    I have a niger trigger and really like the butterflies, especially the pearlscale. Has anyone have any luck with these co-existing? Or any butterfly species exsiting with any any trigger species?
  9. bluetangclan

    custom in-wall 115 gallon done!

    Had a tv nook thats only 52 inches wide so obviously cant fit a modern sized whats better to fill it up than a custom in-wall tank...enjoy! before.... after.....
  10. bluetangclan

    which Reef Octopus skimmer is newer/better?

    I need to decide between these 2 Reef Octopus protein skimmers. #1 has no model number, #2 is NWB-150. Both are same price at $199 1. Reef Octopus Needle Wheel Skimmer - 6 in. - up to 150 gallons Product Features Reef Octopus® 6" Pinwheel Skimmer Dimensions: 12" x 8.5" x 22.13" Rated up...
  11. bluetangclan

    will this skimmer fit in my sump?

    I have a sump on order. Its 29 gallons with dimensions of 30w x 12.5d x 17h. The following are the specs for the skimmer. Will it fit? Reef Octopus® 6" Pinwheel Skimmer Dimensions: 12" x 8.5" x 22.13" Rated up to 150 gallons. Powered by 1 OTP 2000 pump at 500 gph High performance venturi...
  12. bluetangclan

    led lighting recommendations

    Need some recommendations on led lighting for 115 gallon tank size 48w x 18d x 31h. Tank will be fish only with fake coral.
  13. bluetangclan

    newbie needs help

    Hi everyone! I am planning on building my first saltwater fish only tank and need some help. This is my first tank ever so be kind with your fish jargons lol. I have a friend that has experience and will help me but I dont want to bother him with every single question. My tank will be 115...