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  1. mr_bill

    Back from the Beyond

    Here's an interesting and strange tale about my 6line wrasse. My 6line wrasse disappeared from my tank 4 months ago, and all searches for the body turned up empty. I have a 125 gallon tank with a unique sump setup, but nothing has ever escaped the back sump critter so I had completely written...
  2. mr_bill

    before and after

    Was jut looking back and comparing some pictures. before after
  3. mr_bill

    Pinky!!! girly zoas

    Found these at my LFS, for once the wife didn't hesitate in opening the purse for an addition to my tank. "Barbi pink flowers"
  4. mr_bill


    Some new rock and most the stuff transfered from my 50 corner a few months ago.
  5. mr_bill

    Black Brittlestar ( Ophiocomina nigra ) coloration?

    I have what I believe to be a standard black brittlestar but was wondering about the coloration. The pictures I've found on the web show a more brownish star with only the disc being closer to a black color as shown below. The brittle I have is pure black, no brown at all and the spines on the...
  6. mr_bill

    New tank, work ahead of me again

    Here we go again, seems like everyone is getting new tanks. Must be the season. 125gallon
  7. mr_bill


    He's laughing....
  8. mr_bill

    New company policy

    The following policy changes will go into effect immediately. Dress Code: It is advised that you come to work dressed according to your salary. If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a raise. If you dress...
  9. mr_bill

    Great LFS, and super deal for me

    Here's one of those rare stories you read but can hardly believe, I guess I'll believe the other posters now. I've been in the market for some MH lights for a while and did my research figureing on getting a 250watt DIY setup that I would build a hood for. My LFS has always been honest with...
  10. mr_bill

    Playing with camera, so frustrating

    Here are a few shots, I'm trying to get to a more manual setting on this thing so that I can adjust the brightness more.
  11. mr_bill

    Ooooo, new brittle star hitchhiker! ID please

    Whoopy!! I think I just spotted a small brittle star arm on a new coral. Ophiura, or other seastar knowledgeable people... Is there a black brittlestar which has either yellow or white bands around the arms? The arm I saw was only visible for a second and it did not like the flashlight one bit...
  12. mr_bill

    New Coral pics and hitchhiker coral ID

    I bought this new coral yesturday and it had this interesting encrusting coral attached. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of it and lighting requirments. Thanks
  13. mr_bill

    Test readings, ready for reefing?

    Hi guys, I'm really new to the whole coral thing and would love to hear some thoughts on my readings. I currently have a large hammer coral, several large fuzzy shrooms, and a small zoanthid collony. I'd love to move into more corals but want to make sure everything checks out first. 196.9ppm kh...
  14. mr_bill

    ophiura, I saw a huge........

    I was at my LFS yesturday afternoon and was admiring all the goodies when I saw a huuuuuuge green arm wave past the front of the tank. It was in the tanks he has up top so I had to get on a stool to see what it was. It was a green brittle star that had to of been 18" or more from tip to tip. Is...
  15. mr_bill

    Mantis quest

    I found this funny, and I've removed the foul language. Hope you all enjoy as much as I did. Hello, dammit. About six-months ago, I walked into the local gym and overheard two fellows having a discussion about something that they kept referring to (albeit in hushed and overawed tones) as...
  16. mr_bill

    ID please, NOT fireworm

    Found this tonight crawling over a snail half way up the tank glass, then saw it go free swimming around the tank. It moves fast while swimming, and has a dark greyish head with four whisker like appendages.
  17. mr_bill

    $5.50 , was I robbed?

    Picked this up at my LFS which has always been real fair to me. Wife says I was robbed and that this is not worth $5.50. I count 2 orange/red and the rest are green/yellow zoos, little chunk of rock is about 2" long.
  18. mr_bill

    Hammer hosting Goby

    Thought this was a nice picture so wanted to post it.
  19. mr_bill

    Scooter Blenny pics

    I'm working on getting some better pics but here is mine with his sail up.
  20. mr_bill

    Scooter Blenny pictures

    double post.