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  1. seahorse11

    WTB a canopy in boston area

    I am looking for an oak colored canopy that will fit a 90 gallon. The dimensions are 48"long, 18"deep, 24" tall. I am in the Boston area.
  2. seahorse11

    brown spots on yellow tang

    I had a yellow tang for about a week in QT tank. It started getting a brown spot on one side which spread to the other side and then to the top of iys head. It stopped eating and stayed at the bottom. I added some fungal medication but that did nothing. It eventually died. Does anyone know what...
  3. seahorse11

    Hermit food

    Any suggestions on what I can feed my hermit crabs when I am away for two weeks. Is putting algae sheets/seaweed strips in a clip be enough?
  4. seahorse11

    First Fish?

    I just finished cycling a 90 gallon. What would be a good starter fish? Currently I have no fish or corals in the tank. Thanks
  5. seahorse11


    Has anybody used Levamisole to treat corals to get rid of red bugs and worms?
  6. seahorse11


    I read a thread on another website about using Levamisole to dip corals in to rid them of red bugs and worms. They are dipped for 2-5 hours and you can see all the worms dead in the bowl/tank. Has anybody tried this? I have heard of people using Interceptor but it sounds difficult to use. I...
  7. seahorse11

    Aptasia or Feather dusters?

    OK, I saw another thread somewhere else and a pic of aptasia was posted. It looked like a feather duster to me. How can I tell the difference? I have a FD ( or I think I do) in my tank and i cant tell the difference. Please help! :help:
  8. seahorse11

    Corals for sale in Mass?

    Anybody selling corals in the south of boston area? I already posted in "corals and trading." My tank just finished cycling so I have nothing to trade, I want to buy. Thanks!
  9. seahorse11

    Anybody selling corals in Mass?

    Hi, I live in the attleboro area and my tank has just finished cycling. I am ready to add some livestock. Does anyone have any corals or feather dusters that they are willing to sell? Like I said, my tank is brand new so I have nothing to trade.
  10. seahorse11

    Hawaiian Fish

    Does anyone know if we can bring tropical fish into the states from hawaii? I will be visiting hawaii and wanted to go to a LFS there and maybe bring back a couple of fish. Anyone ever done this or know if this is legal. Thanks.
  11. seahorse11

    Nitrates---->Environmentally UNfriendly??

    I have been cycling my tank for about 2 weeks. I was testing the parameters this morning and when it came to the nitrates, the instructions said that it is dangerous to the environment and to discard according to state laws. What do you all do with the testing solution after you get the results...
  12. seahorse11


    I got a Smartlite light from a friend. I am not sure what this light is for and why it is different from my All Glass Compact Fluorescent lights 2 55w. The Smartlite is 120 volts and 60Hz. Thanks. :jumping:
  13. seahorse11

    RO/DI unit

    I just bought a Kent Marine RO/DI unit. Its a Maxxima 60-Hi-S. Does anyone have one and are they easy to use? I am planning on hooking it up to my garden hose to fill a 90 gallon tank. How long will the cartridges last? I am assuming that after I fill the tank, I will need to replace the filter...
  14. seahorse11

    Professional service

    Does anyone use a professional saltwater service to clean & maintain their tanks? I want to hire one but was wondering what that type of service would cost.
  15. seahorse11

    Do I need a filter?

    I am setting up a 90 gallon. I have 3 Maxi-jet 900's, a Red Sea PS, and a sump under the tank. What would be the best HOB or in sump filter? Do I need a filter? I was thinking of an Aquaclear 110.
  16. seahorse11

    Scrub a dub dub

    HI, I just bought a used 90 gallon setup. Some of the stuff has alot of crud on it and I want to wash it. Is there any cleanser that is safe for SW tanks that I could use? I want something also with some sort of an antibacterial just in case there was some disease that had been treated before I...
  17. seahorse11

    90 gallon confusion

    Hi, I just bought a used 90 gallon system. I have the sand in some buckets with some orig tank water ( no aeration or thermometer). I have the live rock in a huge rubbermaid container with 3 powerheads but no thermometer ( temp is 60 degrees). They have been in their containers about a month. I...
  18. seahorse11

    Coralife Lunar lights

    Hi, I am setting up a 90 gallon, 48" long, and I want to use Coralife Lunar Aqualight lights. I will not have a canopy, just a glass top. I was told by a representative from an aquarium supply dealer that the lunar lights can be used above a glass top with the mounting legs. Is this true? Is...
  19. seahorse11

    Sun bleached coral

    Hi, Can real coral that has been sun dried, and is now dead, be used in a SW tank? thanks.
  20. seahorse11

    WTB: Aquafuge refugium medium( Boston)

    Looking to buy an Aquafuge refugium medium. Anyone have one to sell? I am in Boston area, thanks. Willing to pay shipping for a good price.