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  1. rickt4du

    Alabama Deal

    3 year old set up...1 year in this tank.. 90gal w/overflow built in oak stand w matching hood 4 vho lighting setup in hood 20 gal tidepool sump 700gph pump 2 powerheads 4 heaters 120lbs rock corals include: various shrooms leathers open brain xenia polyps tomao clown perc clown strawberry...
  2. rickt4du

    Alabama Tank?

    Who had the tank in Auburn? Still interested in getting rid of it?
  3. rickt4du

    Clown Experts Needed

    OK! I am going to set up my new 90gal after Thanksgiving. Combining the 38gal reef and the 10gal minireef into the new tank. I've got all bases covered except one. I have a Tomoto clown in the 38 and a Percula in the 10. Can these two fish coexist in the new tank? Currently the Tomato clown has...
  4. rickt4du

    How Much Sand?

    How many lbs of sand will it take to put 4 inches on the bottom of a 90 gallon All Glass. Been a long time since Mrs. Bains math class. Thanks....
  5. rickt4du

    90 gal retrofit lighting

    Hey a 90 gal AG with overflow today and I'm deciding on the lighting. I currently use a 2x96 watt CSL PC's in an ABS enclosure. Thats going to be over the 90 I'm thinking of a 175 watt MH retro using the 5500k bulb. Should I use the PC's as is with the daylight and the actinic or...
  6. rickt4du

    Disappearing Niger

    I came home one day and my Niger Trigger is GONE. He was not sick, that I know of. Was fine the day before. The only thing I can figure is that I bought a new kitten. Been trying to break him of jumping up at the tank and scaring my fish. Either my crabs made a meal out of it quickly or, the cat...
  7. rickt4du

    Be careful

    Came home last night after work to find a dead arrow crab, two dead cleaner shrimp and a dead pin cusion urchin in my 10 gal. I throught it was the dreaded crash I've heard about, especially since I had done a water change the night before. I reach my hand in to scoop out the dead critters and...
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    If im not mistaking Today is my 1 year anniversary here. Everybody is so nice here. Thanks for a great year. ...rick [This message has been edited by rickt4du (edited 04-12-2001).]
  9. rickt4du

    Gonna cut a coral

    Got a Big Finger Leather...Friend wants a piece. I'm going to razor blade one of the stalks off and... 1. Super Glue the piece to a piece of rock. 2. Rubber band the cutting to a rock. 3. Let him place his own cutting. D. None of the above. I'm new to this coral propagating stuff. Most has...
  10. rickt4du


    I'm going with a sump on the new tank. Do you recommend heating the sump water or putting the heater right in the tank. I've heard both ways and just want some more opinions.
  11. rickt4du


    Jeez, I go out of town for a week and there are tons of new members and 8000 posts to catch up on. Good deal. I need to take my laptop next time. Ill get busy. ...rick
  12. rickt4du

    $25 for nothing

    Hey all. I picked up a neat little tank raised Tomato clown today that was SOOOOO in Love with a Green Long Tentacled Anenome. I had to get them both. I've been waiting for a year to get a pair like that. $10 for the clown and $25 for the anenome. Got them in the tank and went to church. When I...
  13. rickt4du

    16 tank display

    Does anybody know where I can get some plans for a display unit for 16-20, 20 gal aquariums. Web site or other. Thanks. ...rick
  14. rickt4du

    Capture methods

    Hypothetical.... I have a full grown snowflake eel. I want to move it to a new tank. How do I capture it without injuring it and getting bit. Just wondering, it may come up some day. ...rick
  15. rickt4du

    I'm Baaaack

    Bet y'all didnt even miss me. Man it takes a long time to get caught back up on all the posts. Just worked out a new position at a different church and now I'm able to check back here daily. Good to see the board has grown and nobody is fighting. Later all. ...rick
  16. rickt4du


    I think I am overdosing my iodine. I just received a test kit. What should the reading be? I'll check it tonight when I get home. Also got a calcium test kit and........ CORAL VITAL!!!!! Mr. Salty will be so proud. thanks....rick
  17. rickt4du

    Niger Q?

    I added new lights this weekend. Went from 60 to 260 watts. Seeing a lot of things "in a different light" (i know that was bad) Anyway my Niger Trigger is about 4 inches and I can see him so much better now. I have noticed his "skin" kind of looks like a plucked chicken. is this normal? ...rick
  18. rickt4du


    Well, it got really cold in the house this weekend. My tank temp dropped 2 deg. I can see the winter is going to force me to heat my tank. 1. My 2 96watt power compacts are up and running as of a couple of minutes ago. Do you think they will provide enough heat? My 60 watt florescents seemed to...
  19. rickt4du

    Coral Beautyfall

    OK. So I go to my lfs and have decided to purchase a Coral Beauty. He has one and is holding it for me. I drive the 40 miles and see the fish, I'm in love. I spend 2 hour looking and chatting and filling the counter with all kinds of goodies.>>>>>> I'm ready to leave, a young employee catches my...
  20. rickt4du

    Dead Lights (not the ship kind)

    I just got home with my new power compacts, hook them up, and of the ballasts is bad...i paid extra for next day shipping and now i have to wait til monday to even gripe about it. Took all the fun out of spending $400 too. ...rick