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  1. ophiura

    porkupine puffer questions

    Yes and Yes, though that diet is not diverse enough as primary diet and it will be problematic. Don't feed them dry krill - be sure you soak for awhile, ideally using some liquid additives (like selcon) to boost the nutritional value. But overall you will need to feed them some hard shell (eg...
  2. ophiura

    Fish needing certain size tanks? My story...

    You fail to make one key distinction. You were willing to trade the fish in. Many people often don't recognize this as a necessity, or grow to attached to do it. Most, though they may have the best intentions, also do not upgrade tank size as expected. Therefore the best plan is to keep the...
  3. ophiura

    need help with a strange hitchhiker id

    I agree. Not juveniles either, full grown. The larger arm in this case belongs to a closely related species, but the smaller brittlestar is full grown. Very common and beneficial hitch hikers. Attachment 243725Attachment 243726
  4. ophiura

    Found my chocolate chip starfish dead this morning :(

    Have you considered why it died? They are a very hardy seastar. I would not get any others until there is a general understanding of what happened. Most seastars are much more delicate than a CC. I apologize if there has been another thread on it (eg it had been declining). I have not been...
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    Hey ophiura, clear out your PM box, its full.

    Sorry folks, between the death of my father and a new job, I have not had time for this board. I have cleaned out some PMs...please resend.
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    whats wrong with my CC starfish

    What are your water parameters, and how did you acclimate it? How old is your tank? These animals are very sensitive to water quality, especially specific gravity. without knowing these details, it is hard to help.
  7. ophiura

    starfish or not?

    The mini britlestars in our tanks (two primary species) reproduce very well. so in addition to being fairly well protected from predation in general, those that remain will still reproduce and make up the difference usually.
  8. ophiura

    Anthony's nanocube HQI diary

    It appears to be Fromia, maybe F. milleporella. Needs a big mature tank with lots of LR, even though it is small. Most I see at LFS are disintegrating at the arm tips as they can have difficulty acclimating..
  9. ophiura

    Praying for Haiti

    There are so many organizations that have been in the country for quite awhile. I do beg people to find a way to send something. Times are tight, but there is really nothing Haiti can do. They can't relocate poeople, they don't have much infrastructure to start with...I worry that this will...
  10. ophiura

    American Idol Auditions

    SIng along everybody! Pants on the ground Pants on the ground....
  11. ophiura

    Changes in ""

    Originally Posted by Cranberry Bigger PM storage? This is one of my biggest issues as well...
  12. ophiura

    Marine Biology textbooks?

    Well, been out of it awhile and haven't seen recent texts. Castro and Huber (Marine Biology) is a popular one. Also a pretty new one called Introduction to Marine Biology by Karleskint, Turner, and Small. Richard Turner was a mentor to me.
  13. ophiura

    Changes in ""

    BTLDreef - we can't be everywhere and read every word. I doubt it is "allowed," but more likely overlooked. If you see it, report it. Don't assume that we can be here 24/7 and read every word. That is impossible. We count on people to point some of this out. Even if we post in a thread...
  14. ophiura

    New Tank- Does this seem right?

    Adding salt will not kill the chlorine in tap water. By now it is probably gone but never add tap water without treating it with chlorine remover. They should have told you that, as I presume they will not be there every day to top it off with water.
  15. ophiura

    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    Until the day something is added that he thinks is also really is the risk with grazing fish, IMO. They make no distinction between that $150 frag and the bit of lettuce. It is all a nice tasty thing for them. So the message on foxface is that they are a risk, and I would not keep...
  16. ophiura

    Seriously? Has anyone seen this video??

    The key would be to make this at least like the FW trade, where very few fish/plants need to be wild caught. It is fully sustainable on its own. Irresponsible hobbyists will always be an issue in terms of releasing fish, etc. And the damage done there can be catastrophic and ruin the name of...
  17. ophiura

    Seriously? Has anyone seen this video??

    Whether people like it, or agree with it, the reality is that the hobby does impact the natural reef. Many scientists would list this hobby as being a contributor to stress on reefs and a totally unecessary "luxury' hobby. In my previous life I was a marine scientist, so I have some real world...
  18. ophiura

    Why would a "reef safe fish" become unsafe all of a sudden?

    I in general would conside foxface to be pretty omnivorous. I also had one that really enjoyed zoanthids and clam mantles.
  19. ophiura

    Tiny White Starfish

    Sorry, I meant that any given hobbyist...if someone sees one, they do not have to panic. If they see a problem, as you did, there needs to be a plan. But I have loads of these stars and no issues, and I know a lot of others in the same boat. so in general there is no reason to panic. Many...