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  1. jess

    Going on Vacation. Will fish be OK

    I am going on vacation for 10 days. I only have 1 porc puffer with some corals. I have been feeding him quite well everyday for the last week. If I make sure my levels are ok and everything else, well all be ok? I was told by someone at my LFS that fish can go a few weeks without food and be...
  2. jess

    What supplaments should i use on my tank

    I have about 7 corals and 3 fish. With over 100lbs of live rock. As of now I use Cal, Iodine, Coral Vite (just started using it) and PH buffer. I would really like that nice pinkish purple algae growing. THANKS
  3. jess

    Sun Coral

    One if the polups on my sun coral seemed to have died. Will this have any affect on the others?
  4. jess

    Pearl Coral. Do I feed it?

    I just bought a good size Pearl Coral. Looks great in my tank. I have heard different stories on if i feed it on not, so could someone set me stright? I was told that if I have really realy good lighting I don't need to feed it. But If I have poor lighting I should feed it. I only have...
  5. jess

    Would these fish be cool in my tank?!

    In my tank i have some corals like mushrooms, leathers, sun coral, colt coral. My fish are Naso tang, Sohol tang (very small, just got it) and a porcupine puffer. Have over 100lbs of live rock. I wanted to know if i could add a Blue tang. would it be ok with my fish? THANKS
  6. jess

    *PICS* vary large

    this site was posted a few days ago buy someone. Here are some pics from it. I thougt they were very impressive. NICE!!
  7. jess

    What corals would you recommend me having?

    Its a 90g tank, with over 100lbs of live rock. I only have floresent lights. I have four of them on the tank. As of now I have mushrooms, Colt coral, sun coral, leather, and these polyps that look like Daisy's (the flower). They are all doing very well. What other things can I put in my tank
  8. jess

    OHH Gross! A snail died!

    I bought 2 of these big snails, about the size of 3 turbo snails put together. One had not moved since I bought it last week so I picked it up and this black ink type stuff come out of it. I took it out of my tank and flushed it. OHHHH man, that thing stinks! now my bathroom smells of dead snail
  9. jess

    Feeding Sun Coral

    I just got a Sun Coral on Friday night. The person at the Store told me that and easy why to feed it and this is how he feed them in the store: I pick the Coral up in a container (filled with my tank water of course) and I squirt the Brine Shrimp in the container, constently moving the water...
  10. jess

    Who wants to see more PICS here?!

    I love looking at all the really cool tanks people have. Everyone should start posting more pics. And no I havn't posted pics, but I will...Oh i will.
  11. jess

    Do any of your fish bite each other

    Does anyone have fish that bite of chase another fish sometimes?
  12. jess

    Best food for TANGS?

    Just got a new tangs. I think he is beginning to get ick so I have begun to feed him Garlic, which food should I add it to? He is already getting ROMAINE
  13. jess

    Just bought a SOHOL TANG

    I am putting him in my 90g with my NASO and PORCUPINE. Also with my Leather, mushrooms, Colt Coral. I was told that there might be a 20% chance of him and the NASO not getting along. Does anyone have any info for me that might help.
  14. jess

    Who here uses GARLIC?

    Who here uses garlic to right ride of ick? I have used it for about a year, and its amazing!!
  15. jess

    Howdo I get ride of hair ALGAE!!

    I have a 90g tank. Its been running for a year and a half. The green hair algae is taking over. How can I get rid of it. I have some corals so I already add CAL to the water. I got 3 powerheads moving it. And 4 lights on the tank, adding up to 160W.
  16. jess


    I have a 90g tank. It has 1 Naso and 1 Porc Puffer about 4' long. Could I add another porc? The one I want to add is around 2'
  17. jess

    Just got my first Coral

    I just got a mushroom. I have a 90g tank and I places it just under medium level in the tank. It seem to be closed and wringled more then it was at the store. Is this normal? Or is he is the wronf spot?
  18. jess

    Yes, another lighting question. Don't hate me

    I have 1 hood that holds 2 lights. I went to my LFS, so I could get better lighting. The guy there said that my hood would only hold bulbs up to 40W. Could I have put like 2 110W bulbs in? What he was saying, is it true?
  19. jess

    I took a bath in RO water!

    I have never been cleaner! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  20. jess

    Can I add corals with this lighting?

    I recently got 2 new blubs. I have 1 hood that hold 2 blubs. 1 is: Corallife Trichromatic 6500k/ Full spectrum, with earth trichromatic phosphors 40w. The other: Corallife Magtinic with reflector. With 420 Nanometers, 40W. When I bought then I told the guy that I wanted to keep some very easy...