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  1. mr_bill

    GB Maroon & Frogspawn?

    My gold band maroons have taken up with different kinds of corals, and in general I've noticed they prefer anemones but will take up with corals that are similar in structure to an anemone. Hammer corals make good homes too.
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    Back from the Beyond

    Here's an interesting and strange tale about my 6line wrasse. My 6line wrasse disappeared from my tank 4 months ago, and all searches for the body turned up empty. I have a 125 gallon tank with a unique sump setup, but nothing has ever escaped the back sump critter so I had completely written...
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    Waratah babies

    Darn internet filter at work won't let me see.
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    Post your invert pictures here.

    Shankanco ... the snail killer
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    Close-ups! Let see 'em

    Cant find much close up.
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    before and after

    Originally Posted by firefish9 Whats that? Thats Godzilla, (Pholidichthys leucotaenia) he's an engineer goby or convict blenny depending on which name the LFS puts on it. Extremely hardy SW fish, probably the hardiest fish you can get for SW. Also very non-aggressive towards other fish...
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    before and after

    before after .... I fragged the original into two. clearer picture
  8. mr_bill

    before and after

    Originally Posted by xrobbx03 whats the period of time between the shots? uhhh, lemme think. Looks like 4 months 1 day.
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    before and after

    before after
  10. mr_bill

    before and after

    before the dig after the dig
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    before and after

    before after
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    before and after

    before after
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    before and after

    Was jut looking back and comparing some pictures. before after
  14. mr_bill

    marron clown --ok?

    I'd stear clear of a dwarf angel with that line up. I also had a falco's hawk for a while and they are very aggressive towards new comers.
  15. mr_bill

    Pic of my starfish

    Originally Posted by Crox The green monster!!! :scared: :scared: :scared: Isn't the nickname "green death" ? I've seen them pretty big, and larger than 12" across. Also been known to hunt down and eat other critters in the tank.
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    Originally Posted by ruaround great lookin dog... how many people call him Spuds??? That and "TARGET DOG"
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    Some more Rascal, and his new girlfriend Dotty.
  19. mr_bill

    Easiest fishes

    Hmmm, the hardiest fish I know of would be this. Engineer goby/ convict blenny Actually neither goby or blenny, but a great fish which is considered almost bullet proof in the salt water hobby.
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    Tips on feeding a Coral Beauty

    Some more info since there isn't a whole lot of info around. "Lymphocyctis virus. This virus induces massive cells to form which appear grossly as greyish-white masses on the fins and gills. Such abnormal cells may also be found in the muscle and body cavity. May be confused with chlamydial...