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  1. nigerbang

    Local Reef Clubs

    Who here belongs to a local club? What perks do they have that made you want to jon them?
  2. nigerbang

    My new project

    Figured I would post this here.. Picked up a tank from a buddy of mine a few weeks ago.. Got a decent deal on it I suppose..Tank,stand,canopy,75 gallon sump and Dart pump for the closed loop for about $300 and traded a Vortech that I wasnt going to use on the new tank. The tank is an AGA 220...
  3. nigerbang

    Live webcam from the Georgia Aquarium
  4. nigerbang

    Online gaming

    I know a few people here play games online.. Just wondering what you are playing these days.. Right now Ive been playing MAG for a few weeks in between some COD..
  5. nigerbang

    Anyone here practice Hinduism?

    If so I had a few questions for ya.. Dont post here if you have something negative or off topic to say..
  6. nigerbang

    Rather bored.

    Havent been on in sometime.. Figured I would post a few random pics I have taken The shadow from the brace in that last pic isnt as bad in person as it came out in the picture for some reason... Tank looks pitiful.. Had a bad temp problem back in Feb. so I am just now getting intrested...
  7. nigerbang

    Twin Arc metal halide bulbs

    Ran on up this and thought this was super intresting Article by Jake Adams from Reef Builder "The twin arc metal halide lamp from Advanced Lighting Solutions was one of the most exciting and innovative product unveiled at the Marine Aquarium Expo this past weekend. The twin arc lamps are about...
  8. nigerbang

    Anyone here into Paintball?

    Just wondering before I decided to put some paintball stuff up for sale..Kinda like testing the water type deal...And no...its not some cheap garbage maker
  9. nigerbang

    Im outta here

    Later guys.... Jenn, keep your head up and live life to its fullest among others that know me I will miss you guys.. I might hop on and read but wont be posting anymore... Joe.. Keep it CRAZY for me
  10. nigerbang

    Finally made it to 2k

    Well this is my 2000th post..Took me long enough huh?
  11. nigerbang

    might join the army

    After much thinking about it my whole life...I have decided to try and join the army or atleast the national guard..kinda scared but its what I want and I think it would be best for my family..out of work since april and its not looking any better...I can get my education and the fam can stay on...
  12. nigerbang

    anyone around Atlanta?

    just me new people to trade with
  13. nigerbang

    120 Build thread

    Tank sitting in the final spot after moving it around 10 times to find out where I wanted it Just got done painting the back Me taking a break Finishing plumbing Quick sump set up YAY finally water and rock and running. Its been about 12 hours since I got the tank and had it setup and...
  14. nigerbang

    quick pics

  15. nigerbang

    New Member, Cant post

    A friend of mine from our local reefl club signed up on here, he never got the conformation email. Since he didnt get the email he cant post of do anything but lurk... His Username Is JohnR2604 Is there anyway to resend the email or force confirm?
  16. nigerbang

    Couple Pics

    Some quick shots..Tank somewhat crashed and I am rebulding so these are some photo I snapped in about 5 minutes Quick photos be easy on me
  17. nigerbang

    WTB- 2 single ended retro pendents

    I am looking for the reflectors and sockets with the wiring if possible if you have the bulbs that would be a big plus also..also looking for a couple 36" 78watt T-5 setups...2 bulb only.. I will be selling my 72' 2x250HQI 4x96pc fixture when I complete my new canopy and will be...
  18. nigerbang

    Macna Photos

    For those not able to goto MACNA XX here are some photos I took today and yesterday.. I will try and get some more pics tomorrow before it winds down... Check out the one pic of the monster skimmer, If you look at the bottom left you can see a water bottle to give it some scale
  19. nigerbang

    55 gallon Sump in GA

    I have a 55 gallon sump that is baffled for sale/trade. Its an Oceanic tank and drilled in the top left corner that way you can plumb in a ATO or a fuge alot easier then most. The only reason I did use it is because I couldnt fit it under my sump without cutting some of the braces in the stand I...
  20. nigerbang

    English Bulldogs

    Anyone else have an English?? I picked this female up yesterday.. Been a real long time since I had a puppy, forgot about having to potty every 5 minutes, but she is worth it..