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  1. debbie

    LED light question

    I currently am running a coralife 9" 18 watt power compact fixture on my 3 gal pico tank. I am wanting to upgrade my lighting for the soft corals I keep. I have been looking at several options and what other reefers recommend to me here in Canada. Here are some of options to order from Canada...
  2. debbie

    need some thoughts

    Which of these zoas is the brighter of the two? LA Lakers Fruitloops Which of these Paly's is the most attractive? Valentines Day Massacre Magician My lights are PC's if that helps any, I am looking for something different but also pops with nice color under PC's
  3. debbie


    I posted a picture of some pink zoas in the zoa section but have no response as to what kind of zoas they are. Would anyone here be able to tell me what the name of these might be?
  4. debbie

    ID Please

    Can anyone id what is the name of the pink zoas in this picture?
  5. debbie

    Leaving the Hobby

    Hello all you saltwater hobbyists.   I just wanted to say Thank You for all your help, info etc on these wonderful forums. I have learned so much from you all and will always remember it. I have refered this site to many people I run into looking for that "saltwater help" and will continue to do...
  6. debbie

    Fuming Mad

    Well what I thought was a good thing for my 5 gal nano has turned out to me not so. I bought 3 months ago the Current USA Nova Extreme 18" 18 watt T5HO. I now find out after they told me they always have this fixture and bulbs in stock you cannot get bulbs for it anymore here in Canada. They...
  7. debbie

    Liverock ?

    I have a very small nano tank of 5 gal. I have this piece of live rock that I really want to keep but don't want the things that are growing on it right now. It has your common brown polyps and anthelia that is so out of control, rather than trying to take this stuff off which I am not about to...
  8. debbie

    chemi-pure elite

    Anyone here use Chemi-Pure Elite and what are your thoughts on this product?? I am looking at putting this into my 5.5 gal nano to replace the carbon I have been using the past 5 years and was told this is great stuff. Oh, and I do replace the carbon often.....
  9. debbie

    cyclops & cyclopeeze

    I would like to know what is the difference between cyclops and cyclopeeze the frozen kind?? How is it suppose to be fed? Do you just break off a piece and let the fish go at it or should you thaw it and use a syringe to feed it??
  10. debbie

    sponge on zoas

    I have these zoas that I got from another hobbyist. I love the color of these little zoas but i don't love the sponge that is attached to them. The main mother colony had this spong on it from the hobbyist. Now i have done everything to kill this sponge as these zoas are on a plug. I have taken...
  11. debbie


    I know you cannot keep two of the same kind of firefish together unless they are a mated pair but can you keep say one purple firefish and one red firefish or will they fight just the same??
  12. debbie

    Torch Coral

    I would like to know how aggressive are torch corals?? I have a 5.5 gal nano with softies at the moment, I like the look for torch corals as well as hammers and frogspawn. Would I be able to put one of these types of corals into my tank or would it sting the corals I already have??
  13. debbie

    film algae

    Since my new light T5HO on my little tank I have issues with algae on the glass more often. My lfs said its the tubes they are not 10,000k but that is what it says on the tubes. Another person said its from feeding some flake food, but i fed flake food with the old lights and never had this...
  14. debbie

    clownfish and seaweed

    Will clownfish eat seaweed sheets and if so which clowns are more apt to eat them??
  15. debbie

    Spirulina & Nori

    May I ask, what is the difference between Spirulina and Nori?? Which of the two is more nutritional ??
  16. debbie

    watermelon zoas

    Wanting to know how colorful watermelon zoas are under T5 HO lights?? I have googled them and some pics show them really colorful and others show them as just green and orange zoas.
  17. debbie

    5.5 Gal

    Finally I have pictures of my 5.5 gal with the new T5's light fixture. Hey Nissan, what do you think....
  18. debbie

    toatstool leather

    Have a friend whom has a toadstool leather, it has a yellow ring at the base of this leather, what causes this??
  19. debbie


    Hello all, I recently got a small frag on a plut of some really colorful beautiful zoas. Over the short time i have had them they are not opening much anymore and there seems to be a type of sponge now covering them. I just emailed the fellow whom I got them from and he said that the mother...
  20. debbie


    I have a well established 5 gal pico tank. I would love to add a blenny to this tank and would like to know which of these two would you add. Tail Spot Blenny Two Spot Bimaculatus Blenny