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  1. hot883

    Reef with new lights

    Ok, so I finally got my T5 retro's in and working. They are 2-36" 8x39w bulbs 4- blue 12- 10,000k daylight 1st pic. is new fixture laying down-no bulbs (notice individual reflectors) 2nd pic.- new light left side (1/2 of the bulbs on) old light on right 3rd.- 2 new fixtures acclimating both...
  2. hot883

    Picture Contest for Newbies ONLY

    Here are the rules and prize info. I will be hosting a photo contest for newbies. The join date cannot be any later than yesterday. 16 Mar. is the the latest I will allow contestants to have joined. They need to be less than 1 year members.The prize will be one of my 48" PC lighting. It is...
  3. hot883

    Photo contest for Newbies.

    This is just the announcement. I will be hosting a photo contest for newbies. The join date cannot be any later than yesterday. 16 Mar. is the the latest I will allow contestants to have joined. And less than 1 yr. The prize will be one of my 48" PC lighting. It is used and will need new...
  4. hot883

    Another T5 lighting question

    How high should a 8 lamp-39w (I am installing 2-36" 8 lamp models on my 125) unit be mounted up from the water? Also what is the life of the bulbs? Thanks, Barry
  5. hot883

    Reckler, you around

    Just checking to see if you were around. I sent you an email. Barry
  6. hot883

    30 extra high

    No need to curse in your title. I deleted the thread. Go to the search button at the top and type in "posting pictures". This question gets asked everyother day and the info. remains the same. Barry
  7. hot883

    Please remember in the Aquarium

    Guys and gals, please remember that this forum is bascially for off topic items. This should not be your personal play ground or chat rooms. If you have more threads in here than in other areas of these boards you will start getting deleted. Meaning if you have 10 threads in here and 1 on sick...
  8. hot883

    Today's 8 pack

    Taken today with my Sony Cybershot 10.1 mp
  9. hot883

    Please do not turn this into a rant or gun control issue

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the shooting in Utah Mall. An 18 y.o. shot and killed 4-5 and wounded as many before being shot himself by the police. Barry
  10. hot883

    My first video

    Trying to load my short video of my 125 shot today with my Sony Cyber-shot 10.1.
  11. hot883

    Who knows?

    Ok, so i took a few pictures this morning. Anyone have a clue what it is?
  12. hot883

    Calling "Sinners G"

    The deal with the account is very common and easy. ONLY you can have the password for that old account and if you do not, you are out of luck. Sorry, but thats the safety feature built in here that only you can access your own account. Barry
  13. hot883

    Lets Play a Game! Do you see the Lion?

    Just a couple of shots today of the reef. Do you see the lion? Please post your hiding lions if ya want. Happy New Year! Barry
  14. hot883

    Just a couple of Tang pics.

    Taken today of my Atlantic Blue juvi. and some YT's.
  15. hot883

    Happy Chanukah Mimzy!

    I know it starts tomorrow. Just wanted to wish you a feastive celebration and to say Hi. Barry
  16. hot883

    I want to thank you all for helping

    Just a quick note to tell all "Thanks" for the help in catching all the SPAM, [hr] , gimick threads etc. This is a family oriented site that has alot of young members and watchers. To alert a Mod. or Shark of such threads or abusive or foul language it is very simple. Go to the top of that...
  17. hot883

    The Beatles "Love" album

    Just bought a copy of this CD. Man it's awesome. The entire CD took 3 years to edit and remix for the Las Vegas show "Cirque du Soleil". Anyone else heard it?
  18. hot883

    Today's Pics.

    Hi everyone. Just some pics. today of the 125 gallon w/520w of PC's. Taken with a Kodak DX3900. Hope you enjoy.
  19. hot883

    10 Nov. Happy 231st Birthday Marines

    I proudly served for 20 years, 4 months and 17 days if I was to count. God Bless the Marines, and God Bless these United States.
  20. hot883

    My family needs your prayers please

    Hi. My dad (71) was put into the hospital today to start dialisis (sp). He is suffering from Kidney failure, Heart failure, diabetes, 150 lbs. over weight due to water retention, high blood pressure (over 200 today), nueropathy in the feet, water/fluids in the lungs and a host of other...