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    Darn Nitrates!!!

    I just made a water change in my 29 gallon 3 days ago and my nitrates are still about 35, any ideas how to lower nitrates? will it hurt my corals??? BTW i have lots of brown algea
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    Mandarin Dragonet any tips??

    i am planning on buying one from this site, are they feather duster compatable? and they will fit in a 29 gallon with a firefish and a percula clown??
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    dead turbo snail

    my 1" turbo died from being on his back all night long, but his shell is really cool so can i keep him in the tankfor looks-or would this raise ammonia??
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    Are Lee's brand of protein skimmers good?

    Are Lee's brand of protein skimmers good? i bought one on ---- for a 30 gallon tank and just got it today. are they any good?? also what should i use to power it?? a powerhead or a pump??
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    I just bought a open green brain coral!!

    does any one have any tips or suggestions?? should i place it in the bottom in the sand or high in the rock?? please leave feedback!
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    will a condylactis anemone eat my neon gobies?

    will my condylactis anemone eat my neon gobies?? the Lfs i bought the neon gobies from said it will eat them, while the Lfs that sold me the condylactis anemone said it will not eat them. I trust your guys opinions more so will he eat them??? :notsure:
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    Scooter Blenny STOMPING on my coral!!

    :mad: I thought that scooter blennys were reef safe?? apparently mine is not! I have some yellow polyps that i love but never come out anymore- why??? becuase my scooter blenny has decided that his favorite place to look for food is on top of the small rock that my corals live on. he just lays...
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    will turbo snails die if they fall on their back?

    will turbo snails die if they fall on their back?do u have to put them upright???
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    are these good lights???

    i just bought some lights on ---- for my 29 gallon tank. The lights brand are satelights and they are 24 inches long and 65 watts. Can i have shrooms and corals like xenia and brain coral??? is there any coral i could not have???
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    :help: my condtlactis anemone has shrunk almost into nothing!!!! i just left for 1 hour and he was fine when i left. now i just came home and he has shrunk almost to nothing. he was still moving a little bit and before i left he seemed just fine. can anybodyhelp me???? :help:
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    hitchhiker snails

    i have had my tank set up for about four weeks now and i have liverock and corals and i just noticed today 2 small yellow snails on the glass. what are they and are they reef safe???
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    blue linka star in a 29 gallon???

    my LFS has a blue linka star that i really like and i also like the brittlestars that they have and i was just wondering if the linkas and brittlestars are complety reef safe and invert/fish safe. The reason i was asking is because i have heard lots of storys about fish and inverts...
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    sooo confused!!!!

    :help: ok will someone please explain to me if my cycle has even started yet!! I have had my tank set up for about a week and have 7 pounds of LR(my tank is a 29 gallon) I put food in and can see it rotting (shrimp pellets and flake food) and some white algea is growing on the rocks. i have a...
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    i have new 29 gallon tank and i was just wondering how powerful of a powerhead i should get??? is a maxi jet 900 too powerful??? or not enough??
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    Are these good lights????

    hey are these good lights for shrooms and some corals and would the lights fit on top of my 29 gallon???
  17. scottgotts

    are these testing levels ok???

    ph level- 8.5 alkalinity- 340 nitrite .5 nitrate 15 my tank has been running for a week are those safe levels??? is there anything else important i need to test for???
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    Can yellow tangs fit in a 29 gallon??

    I have always liked yellow tangs. right now i have one blue damsel basically to get my tank started. down the road would a yellow tang fit in my tank if i took the damsel out??
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    mini feather dusters!!!!

    i just started my 29 gallon tank a few days ago and i added 7 pounds of LR today and i noticed something on one of the small rocks A very small feather duster!!!then i looked around some more and noticed like 5 more of them! i cant belive it ! the rock sat in my hot car for over an hour too. so...
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    please help!!

    i am really confused can someone help me out??? :notsure: first of all what are powerheads??? i have a 29 gallon tank that I just started out and i want coral eventuallybut dont you need some sort of water flow is that what powerheads are??? I have a marineland biowheel 200 filter that can...