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    Any gorgonian experts around these parts? I know all the basics; high-flow, constant feedings, etc. But i'm considering a blueberry gorgonian for my reef and want to really hear people's opinions, experiences, and advice on the topic... Thanks!
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    Dartfish parasite of some kind?

    Hey all, I have a male purple firefish in my 29 with a ton of zoas and a pair of scooter dragonets. He's a relatively new pickup (last couple weeks) and he's been totally fine through the acclimation process. Just today, however, I noticed he was acting 1% off, and I took a closer look. On his...
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    Sexing firefish

    Hey guys... any ideas on sexing firefish (purples in particular)? I guess firefish or dartfish in general is also pretty useful information...
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    fuge lighting

    I've seen a few threads on fuge lighting including one or two I've posted on. Most people who've done DYI fuge lighting post brands or places to pick up good lights but never a process for setting up the fuge itslef. I have just ordered the CPR AquaFuge from the site-I-can't-mention but I'm...
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    250 watt MH ballasts wanted

    Hey all, I'm in the market for a pair of 250 watt MH ballasts... if anyone knows of any, let me know. Thanks!
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    RO Odyssey

    Ok, so the story behind my new RO/DI unit. I'm sure some of you will find it entertaining. I order the unit last Monday. It's slated for delivery Friday (nov 11). I know nothing about plumbing. Even though the package is not marked as fragile, or as a sign-only package, the UPS guy, who...
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    Hey, can I get a show of hands: who lives in an apartment? Are you worried you'll have to move and break down your setup anytime soon? What about those who've had to do it? The reason being a "marine mentor" of mine is going to hook me up on a 65 gallon setup with a sump, a fuge, all the...
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    Hey all- So I went away on a business trip adn my roommate wasn't entirely clear on what to do... and I also take blame, since I didn't do a water change before I left, but, my awesome pink colt frag, now like twice it's original size in only like 2 months, has bleached. Also, the zoas I have...
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    Orlando LFS?

    Hey all- I'll be in Orlando this week for business... any suggestion on good LFS/wholesalers that might be in the area? -Ian
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    Colt not staying put

    Hi all. I was at MACNA last weekend and I picked up a free colt frag after a fragging class there... Anyway, the toothpick they used to fix the colt stem to the rock it was on ended up coming out of the colt and now it's got a "fleshwound" in its stem and my coral is moving all around the...
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    Hey all- I'm STILL having a cyano/brown slime problem.... changing water, put in the phosphate remover... barely feeding at all...' What could be the problem??
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    55 gal stand wanted

    Hi all- I have a 55 gal discus tank (my one freshwater) on a very old stand. I'd like to upgrade because the stand is currently sagging slowly forward. (So I guess you could say it's a necessity). Anyone in the DC-VA-MD area? -Ian
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    Hey all, I'm getting little patches of red cyano bacteria in my 29 gal. seahorse tank... I know it's because I have been leaving the lights on for a little too long... but even having remedied that problem (and also put in a phosphate remover), are there other steps I can take, including the...
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    Here's a HUGE hermit from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL. Notice the adult procelain crab on its back!
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    Dumbledore Isn't Dead!! :thinking:
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    From an earlier thread, I posted out of order: My roommate is going back home to Oklahoma this weekend, and he's got a gorgeous 75 gal. reef with lots of frogspawn 1) Is it going to be a problem if I set them up on opposite sides of the tank from GPC coral and, 2) Does anyone know the best way...
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    OCTOPUS v. SHARK!!!!

    I was gonna post this in the main section but I guess it's off topic. All I can say is, AWESOME!!!!
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    New colony polyp

    Ok, so I just ordered some aquacultured green polyp colony coral. Should be here Friday. My tank is established and well set up, numbers are in the clear... Any last minute advice on acclimating/adjusting, tank placement (it's a 29 gal), or anything else for my first corals? Help is appreciated!
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    bulemic clown

    Hey, also, my maroon clown has been hungrily go after food but then spitting it right back out since I got the new PC lighting... What gives?