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  1. drogrant

    Help!!!0.25 Ammonia, 1 clown dead, and 1 chromis in hiding!!!

    Please help me...I have a 55 gallon tank with 50lb of base rock seeded with 30lbs live rock. I have a sump w/ refugium and a few nassarius snail and dwarf cerith snails. There was a total of 5 fish in the tank: 2 ocellaris clowns and 4 green chromis. I lost a clownfish today and I'm not sure...
  2. drogrant

    Please ID!!!

    So I picked up a new piece of live rock that has a few creatures on far I have found a starfish, some small white bugs, a clam and an oyster...i think. I also found this really hairy worm...please tell me what it is and if I should remove it.
  3. drogrant

    Freshwater clam in saltwater?

    Does anyone have information on this topic? I would think it's the same understanding as freshwater vs saltwater fish...that they wouldn't be able to survive..anyone know anything on this topic?
  4. drogrant


    Hi Everyone, I need help with next steps for my new 55 gallon reef tank. Currently, it is not stocked and has 60lbs of oolite sand, and 50lbs of base rock I also have a 20 gallon sump with live rock rubble, bag of carbon, deep sand bed, and a huge piece of live rock. I started the tank on March1...
  5. drogrant

    Can anyone recommend a good namebrand for a submersible pump and heater??

    I'm trying to buy a submersible pump and heater for a 55 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump that has a refugium and four installed baffles (DIY). The tank has a PVC overflow with a few 90 degree angels and a PVC U-turn for returning water into the display tank. Any suggestions?
  6. drogrant

    Wet/Dry filters a thing of the past??Anybody heard of this?

    Hi Guys, So I came across this video on youtube and wanted to know what you all think This guy is responding to another guy about wet/dry filters and how they probably aren't the best form of filtration. Here's the link: I also found another type...
  7. drogrant

    About to loose it with filters...everyone has an opinion!

    So today I went to the aquarium store which was a huge mistake! Employee at the desk was super unprofessional and arrogant beyond belief. Knew nothing about the fish and invertebrate I want in my tank and then tried to sell me some over $300.00 filter system. He then informed me that my aquarium...
  8. drogrant

    Too Much? Any suggestions?

    55 gallon tank with the following critters: Ocellaris Clowns(2) Dominoe Damsel Fish(1) Sea Anemone (not sure which yet, thinking about Great Magn.) Cleaner shrimp (4) Banggai Cardinalfish (2) Red Burrowing crab (1) Pink pin cushion Urchin Typing it all out sounds like a lot...what do you all think.
  9. drogrant

    Puffers, clowns, and tangs..Can this really work?

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to this site, I have read almost every book on saltwaterfish and have looked at every stocking and compatibility guide and still can not find a clear answer on whether the following can live happily together. Looking for really strong advice on whether they can all live...