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  1. crashedin0

    Clown skool 2

    tank raised occ will keep skooling for years better in large groups 5 or more though
  2. crashedin0

    carpet anemones ?!?!?!

    ok so i guess just place him and pray then just move everyone toll he stays put BTW my 3 pink skunks were hosting one at the LFS so i was thinking a red or maybe blue or purple :thinking:
  3. crashedin0

    carpet anemones ?!?!?!

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy They typically settle at the base of a rock. They are the most lethal Anemone IMO. They will stick to anything, hands, magnet scrapers, Tangs, even rocks. but they mostly stay put between sand and rock so the stoneys are safe up top ?
  4. crashedin0

    carpet anemones ?!?!?!

    a few questions sand or rock ? and the stinging is it as bad as a bta Vs other corals i always hear bta kill stoneys but not so much about carpets
  5. crashedin0

    What was the WORST DATE that you have EVER been on?

    trust me i win i was going to my girlfriend senior homecoming dance i graduated the year before the second we get in the car she tells me it over i had to spend the whole night looking at her face i even took the picture with her i was so mad/sad that night i doubt i can ever forget it no...
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    old to new tank, cycle or not

    coral need a lot less bio support than fish but it should be ok imo as long as your not over your load your fine
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    Ribbon eels I am stumpped, Help

    ribbon hard to feed once they start eating thought its all good they come is blue green black and ghost colors try puting some pvc and when his is in there send in a live feeder comet as in grab the comet with your hand let it go in front of the opening when the comet gose in it should strike...
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    i heard they can eat something as big as they are and i belive it considering mine at 7 feeders in 1 sitting lol i am switching him over to silverside but he only wants live stuff
  9. crashedin0

    Chuck Norris counted to infinity, twice!

    chuck norris once had --- with a convent (SP?) of nuns nine monthes later the 1972 dolphines were born the only team to hav never lost or tied in NFL history the big bang theroy happened when chuck norris roundhouse kick god the power produced was enough to create the universe if at first you...
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    anemone stings

    carpet stickness as in i lefted him out of the water before he let go but my dawg carlos got red bump all over his left for arm caring a 20 inch plus anemone across the room sebea sticky not as much only time it hurt was when it stung an open cut condi hurt but not bad LT same as seabea...
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    Suprise at my LFS

    cudas not so big tarpen get 10 feet i think maybe thats what you saw but w/e dont get them in your tank its wrong
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    coraline bubble

    well this has me very scared :scared: because bubble algee i hear "dont pop the bubble!!!!! what ever you do dont pop the bubble!!!!" but i saw that it had coraline algee growing on it :thinking: not covered but lik 5 ball point pen size spots so will the coraline cover it and make it...
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    Live Rock $$

    wow send me some !
  14. crashedin0

    Diamond Watchman Goby

    lmao i heard most will do it wtf ?
  15. crashedin0

    Diamond Watchman Goby

    would he pair up with a pistol shrimp its either this guy or a barbershop goby
  16. crashedin0

    Coral Banded Shrimp=killer

    my coral band was awsome the only complant was that while i was feeding my anemone he would pop up and take the food and leave dumped somewhere for the crabs to get so then i would need to feed agin and take out the scrapes before it messed up my levels then one day i was redoing my tank and...
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    Live Rock $$

    i got some ugly hatian that is just nasty but around here 6.99 for some fiji and i only have seen one LFS with tonga and i havene been there in 3 months about an hour away so i dont go to often
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    post royal gramma pics

    wold a gramma fight with sixline wrasse green cromis long nose hawk ?
  19. crashedin0

    Hammerhead Frag for trade South Florida

    give me your e mail so you can see some of my zoos GRRRRRRRRRR tomarrow i will have picture of some new frags but not sure if i want to trade them yet
  20. crashedin0

    Getting rid of all Corals.

    you got mail btw i will keep in touch